Cowabunga! Chick-fil-A’s Beloved Mascots Return With 2.5 Million Food Prizes

A Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant in Atlanta, Ga.
A Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant in Atlanta. Chick-fil-A is giving away free food to people who play its online game Code Moo. Mike Stewart/AP Images

You’re familiar with Chick-fil-A’s cows, right? They’re the beloved brand mascots that appear in ads holding signs that say, “Eat Mor Chikin.”

It’s true that the cows can’t spell very well. (They’re only cows, after all, and aren’t well educated.) But now they’re the stars of a new online game where you can win free food from Chick-fil-A for six weeks this summer.

How Do I Win Free Food From Chick-fil-A?

Unveiled Wednesday, the digital game is called Code Moo. To play it, you go to To win free food, you’ll need to join the chain’s rewards program, called Chick-fil-A One. You’ll be prompted to sign in to your rewards account when you start playing the game.

The game is meant to be played on mobile devices like phones or tablets. (If you try to play it on a desktop computer, you’ll get a QR code for the mobile game.) Through weekly missions released every Wednesday, you help the Chick-fil-A cows sabotage their rivals, a fictional restaurant called Circus Burger.

By playing the six weekly missions between June 21 and Aug. 1, you can win one of 2.5 million food prizes every week while supplies last. Each new mission offers a new food reward, such as a free chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets or waffle fries.

In addition to the weekly rewards, game participants who finish all six challenges will be entered into a contest to win free Chick-fil-A for a year or a trip for two to the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship. (According to the contest’s fine print, “free Chick-fil-A for a year” means 52 free chicken sandwich meals.)

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All the Cow Merchandise You Could Want

Chick-fil-A’s cow mascots have been around since 1995, when they first started appearing on billboards. Twenty-eight years later, the cows are branching out to become multimedia stars.

Beside starring in the online game this summer, the cows will also appear in an animated short film and a line of merchandise called The Cow Collection.

“The Chick-fil-A cows have been a beloved part of the brand for nearly three decades and carry a contagious spirit everywhere they go, reminding our guests to laugh and appreciate the little things around them,” said Joe Saracino, a senior VP for the restaurant chain. “We’re excited to have the cows back — so much so that we’re letting them take charge this summer.”

The line of cow-themed merchandise launches on Monday, June 26, and will be available for sale at The cow merch includes a beach towel, a paddle ball game and a visor. Items are $12 to $55 and will be available for a limited time. You know, if you’re really into cows.

Also available in Chick-fil-A restaurants starting Monday: a Cow Party board game and new cow plush toys and keychains.

The cows’ animated short film, called “Tha Billboard,” arrives in July. You can watch a trailer for it here. It shows the cows preparing to sabotage a Circus Burger billboard.

But make no mistake: The main attraction this summer is the free food.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.