Can’t Afford the Dentist? Here’s How to Find a Free Dentistry Day Near You

Female dentist examining medical scan of young woman's teeth.
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Is the pain of paying for dental services keeping you from ignoring that pain in your tooth?

You’re not alone — but, luckily, there’s help.

Several dental clinics across the United States have committed to hosting free dental days throughout the year, providing services such as cleanings, fillings and extractions free of charge.

Free Dentistry Day runs this nationwide initiative to help patients get the dental care they need. Its website states financial strains can make dental care unaffordable, especially for more than 130 million Americans, who are without dental insurance.

“Participating offices are able to help those who would otherwise not receive dental care at all,” Kathy Scent, a practice administrator in the Chicago metro area, said in a video about the initiative on the site.

“Some have gone years without dental care — either because they don’t understand the value of oral health or, more often than not, they simply don’t have the financial resources,” she said.

Since 2010, Free Dentistry Day says over 2,500 patients have been given more than $1 million worth of free care.

The initiative’s website gives a list of local dental offices providing free services. Nearly two dozen practices are signed up for the month of November, including offices in Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona.

With Veterans Day on the horizon, half the upcoming free dental days are specifically for those who’ve served in the military. A veteran’s ID, a license with a veteran’s stamp or discharge papers are required to get those free dental services.

Details about who is eligible, what services are offered and when patients can take advantage of this generosity are included on Free Dentistry Day’s site under each upcoming location’s date.

The initiative’s Facebook page also provides information on upcoming free dentistry days.

Many practices offer the free services on a first-come, first-served basis, but some require appointments to be made in advance. So sign up — or line up — early.

And if no practices near you are offering free dental days, be sure to check out these posts on getting treated at a student dental clinic, signing up for a dental savings plan and multiple options for affordable dental care for your entire family.

There are a bunch of ways to save when it comes to your oral health. Now you’ll have to come up with another excuse for avoiding the dentist!

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s overdue for a dentist appointment.