18 Ways to Save Big When You Shop At Harris Teeter

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Grocery shopping is a normal part of life, but for many, it’s also a frustrating one. You have a budget. And since food is expected to be 6.3% more expensive in 2023 than this same time last year, you want to save money wherever you can. 

Harris Teeter is a Penny Hoarder favorite, but it comes with a caveat. This chain of 258 grocery stores across eight states is a gold mine of delectables, but they come at a higher price than most other grocery stores when taken at face value. Fortunately, you can save big by using coupons and discounts offered by the grocery chain — and you might even be able to splurge a little. 

How can you save? Here are 18 ideas to cut down your grocery bill and stay within your budget while you shop the aisles. 

18 Ways to Save Big at Harris Teeter

1.Get a VIC Card

A VIC card is Harris Teeter’s store card and gives you discounts on everyday items. You’ll also get fuel points with this card, so sign up if you plan to shop!

2. Use Digital Coupons

Once you have a VIC account, you can sign up for an e-VIC account as well. When you get into your e-VIC account, you can find digital coupons that you can use on shopping orders online with pickup or delivery or apply them to your card for use in the store. 

3. Sign Up for Personalized Emails

Whether you’re a member of the Fresh Catch Club or another group, Harris Teeter sends out personalized emails to help you see all the latest savings. So, don’t forget to sign up!

4. Keep Track of Promos

Though it’s extra work, tracking promos can help you shop at the right time. Sales rotate, so putting off buying chicken one week or pasta the next may end up helping you save.

5. Use Ibotta

Ibotta is a third-party app that gives you cash back on certain items. Just shop and scan your receipt.

6. Shop the Reduced Items

Shop the reductions. Discounted, must-sell items about to go out of date are ideal for tonight’s meal or for the freezer.

7. Combine Discounts on BOGO Buys

Have a coupon? Try to use it on BOGO days. You can save on the original price and get a free item.

8. Sign Up for the Fresh Catch Club

If you join the Fresh Catch Club, you’ll be the first to know about the Fishermans Market Fresh Catch item each week. You’ll also get information on new recipes and specials. 

9. Check Out the Monthly Dish

The Monthly Dish is a short digital magazine that has sales and savings events inside. Recipes and ideas for how to use the food you buy are included, too, to help you make the most of your purchases.

10. Use HT Plus

Your HT Plus account lets you access coupons, get free delivery on orders, and get 2X fuel points.  

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11. Get Your Senior Discount

The Club 60 senior discount is available to anyone who is 60 or older. If you’re 60+ remember that you can ask your cashier to apply this coupon to your order. This discount won’t apply to pharmacy, fuel, ticket, or gift card purchases, and it only comes off after all other discounts and coupons are deducted.

12. Take Advantage of Pickup and Delivery Offers

Sometimes, it pays to use pickup or delivery over shopping in person. Special coupons may apply only to pickup or delivery orders, so keep an eye out for savings and shop the right way to make those coupons work for you.

13. Get a Student Discount

College students save big at Harris Teeter with 5% off from October 4, 2023 through May 28, 2024. Just bring your college ID to customer service.

14. Take Advantage of Freebies

From coupons for free items to buy 2, get 3 free options, you can save big when you shop during sales!

15. Ask for a Rain Check

If you want to get a discounted item but it’s not in stock, just ask for a rain check. You can get a rain check for up to three items within the same promotion. Then, bring that discount or coupon with you when you shop next time to save. Rain checks expire 60 days after the date of issue. 

16. Get a Free Smash Cake

Is your baby turning one? You can get a free birthday cake for their first birthday by filling out this form at Harris Teeter. The 5-inch Patti cake is perfect for smash photos or just serves as an extra sweet perk on a celebratory day.

17. Get Cash Back

When you purchase certain products, Harris Teeter will give you cash back. Just go into your eVIC account to add a cash-back deal. 

18. Ask at the Checkout

Finally, ask at the checkout. If you’ve tried to find savings and still want to see if you qualify for more, ask your cashier or speak with customer service to see what other options you have — they might even have a discount to apply to your order today.

With these tips, you’re bound to save at Harris Teeter. Remember, even a small reduction goes a long way toward meeting your budget.

Jen Smith was a writing intern at The Penny Hoarder.