18 Amazingly Easy Ways Harris Teeter Shoppers Can Score Huge Savings

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For some people, grocery shopping is an adventure.

The rush of coupon clipping. The thrill of finding a deal on something you were already going to buy. The satisfaction of your total ringing up well under your budget at checkout. These are just a few things that make the necessary task of buying food exhilarating.

If you’re one of these shoppers, Harris Teeter is a gold mine.

Harris Teeter is a chain of 230 grocery stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C. While it’s well-known for amazing customer service and produce quality, you may have heard that its prices are high.

The prices at Harris Teeter may be higher at face value compared to other grocery stores, but the chain makes up for that with abundant discounts and coupons.

If you live near a Harris Teeter store, you can shop there and stay within your budget. You just have to know all the ways to save!

1. Sign Up for a VIC Card

The VIC (Very Important Customer) Card is Harris Teeter’s savings membership. Sign up in store with a valid driver’s license, and you’ll immediately get sale prices at checkout.

2. Then Sign Up for e-VIC

Once you have your VIC Card, visit the Harris Teeter website to register for e-VIC. You’ll get personalized weekly emails when the things you regularly purchase go on sale.

In addition, you can access members-only discounts, weekly sweepstakes and e-VIC coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons.

3. Look for Rebates on Ibotta

Download the Ibotta app to unlock rebates on items you plan to buy before hitting the store. Upload your receipt, or connect your VIC Card and swipe at checkout to get cash deposited in your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

4. Find Hidden Promos

Harris Teeter is notorious for not advertising every sale. You can find surprise promos in store, on Facebook or by creeping the Harris Teeter website.

Look for seasonal merchandise and other unadvertised goodies for up to 75% off in the clearance section while you shop.

5. Buy One, Get One

Buy one, get one sales offer half off per item, so you can buy just one item or an odd number and still get the discount. For example, if you need three bottles of sale-price gummy vitamins but four is just going overboard, never fear — Harris Teeter has you covered.

6. Buy 2, Get 3 Free

This is the mother of all Harris Teeter sales. The first two items ring up at regular price, but the next three are free! Unlike buy one, get one sales you have to buy two items to get three for free. But you can use coupons on all five items!

These are the sales everyone gets excited about, so plan ahead to stock up on all kinds of items.

7. Take Advantage of Coupon Doubling

This one’s for you, couponers. Harris Teeter will double up to 20 coupons worth up to 99 cents each every day — but you must be a VIC cardholder.

That means a 75-cent coupon is really a $1.50 coupon!

And about every six weeks, you’ll see Harris Teeter Super Double specials in which for three days (usually Sunday through Tuesday), you can double all coupons up to $2! The promotion excludes coupons that state “do not double.”

8. Use Competitor Coupons

As long as your coupon is for a dollar amount or percentage off (not for free items), Harris Teeter will accept all local competitor coupons. Stores will accept any grocery store coupons from weekly ads, circulars or direct mailers. You can also stack them with manufacturer coupons. Competitor coupons, however, can’t be doubled.

9. Join the Sub Club

Earn one point for every half sub and two points for every whole sub you order. Earn 15 points, and get a free whole sub! Whole subs are only $4.99 every Friday, so you can dine in sub heaven and have money in your pocket to spare.

10. Join the Fresh Catch Club

If you love fish, join Harris Teeter’s Fresh Catch Rewards. You’ll receive a weekly email featuring the Fresh Catch item of the week and other Fresh Catch specials. And for every $50 you spend on Fresh Catch items, you’ll get a $5 e-coupon!

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11. Use Your Student Discount

At select stores near college campuses (I counted 25!), students receive a 5% discount. The discount is available Oct. 1-May 31 annually. You must register in store and show a valid college ID at checkout.

12. Shop Thursdays for a Senior Discount

Sadly, Club 60 is not the hottest new place for seniors to work on their dance moves. It’s really Harris Teeter’s savings club for shoppers over 60.

Every Thursday, seniors get 5% off after coupons and other discounts. The discount applies to all purchases except for fuel, pharmacy, tickets and gift cards.

13. Pay Attention for the Scan Guarantee

It pays to pay attention to prices while you’re shopping. If an item rings up higher than the shelf tag, you get it for free. If you don’t notice the difference until you get home, don’t worry. Harris Teeter’s deals change on Wednesdays, so you have until Tuesday to bring your receipt back and receive your refund.

14. Take a Free Harry the Happy Dragon Cookie

Cookies for everyone! Finally, a bakery that doesn’t discriminate against cookie lovers based on age. Choices are limited — a sugar cookie or low-fat sugar cookie (if you can call that a cookie) — but no one is going to judge you for taking a sweet snack along on your shopping trip. Thank you, Harris Teeter.

15. Check out the Weekly Harris Teeter Meal Deal

Every week, Harris Teeter groups four to five products together to make its Meal Deal for VIC members. It’s everything you need for a meal at one discounted price, and you can use coupons on the individual items and the entire transaction.

The Meal Deal I saw recently wasn’t the healthiest (wings, potato chips, dip and a 2-liter Pepsi), but for $10.99, it’ll do in a jam.

16. Bring Your Rain Checks — They Never Expire

If a popular deal goes out of stock within the promotion period, you can get a rain check for up to three of the item (or deal, if the promotion is for more than a single item.) Rain checks never expire, and you can use them at any Harris Teeter location.

17. Get a Free Smash Cake From the Harris Teeter Bakery

Do you have a baby turning 1 soon? Fill out an application at the deli, and bring it to customer service at least four weeks before your child’s first birthday. You’ll get an e-coupon loaded to your VIC card for a free 5-inch smash cake!

18. Ride Harry the Dragon for a Penny

“H-A-R-R-Y! He’s big and green and loves to fly!” That’s what you’ll hear if you’re near Harris Teeter’s Harry the Dragon ride long enough. Because riding this big green guy only costs a penny! Who wouldn’t take a shopping break to give this thing a spin? I mean, if you’re a kid…

Your Turn: Do you love shopping at Harris Teeter? What are your favorite ways to save?

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Jen Smith is a writing intern at The Penny Hoarder and the blogger behind Saving with Spunk. She’s currently trying to figure out how to get a free smash cake with no children.