Hyundai Offers a New Way to Shop for Cars with Digital Showroom on Amazon

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t get any bigger, you can now shop for a car on the e-commerce site.

Hyundai recently partnered with Amazon to create a digital showroom where potential car buyers can shop for new vehicles.

Shoppers can compare the prices and features of similar vehicles and use an online calculator to estimate monthly payments. They can also read owners’ reviews, check inventory at dealerships near them and schedule a test drive. In some locations, you can even have the car come to you for a test drive at home.

While shoppers can’t purchase a car directly from the Amazon showroom, they can search for their nearest dealership to schedule an appointment to sign the paperwork when they’re ready to buy.

Amazon has operated a vehicle section on its site since 2016 for shoppers to gather information about a variety of makes and models, but Hyundai’s online showroom gives shoppers a more robust car-buying experience with detailed model information and more photos, TechCrunch reports.

Tim Maxwell, Hyundai’s senior group manager of digital marketing, said in a statement that the carmaker is the first to have its own digital showroom on Amazon.

“This collaboration with Amazon provides customers with the ability to learn about Hyundai vehicles in a way that matches their expectations for nearly every other type of purchase,” he said.

The online showroom puts Amazon more on the level of independent auto research sites like and Autotrader, Bloomberg reports.

The showroom focuses only on current model year cars for now, but there are arguments in support of buying a new car versus a used one. The price may be higher, but new models may last longer than used vehicles and come with warranties from the manufacturer so you don’t have to worry about paying for major repairs.

If you’re thinking of buying a new Hyundai after checking out the Amazon showroom, these 10 tips on buying a new car will keep you from overspending.

Nicole Dow is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.