8 Money-Saving Browser Extensions You’ve Been Missing in Your Life

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Gone are the days of scouring the internet for deals and coupon codes. Instead, use browser extensions to make saving money nearly effortless while you shop online.

Some will even help you earn cash and rewards for your purchases!

8 Browser Extensions to Save Money While Online Shopping

Whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, add these extensions to your browser to make shopping and saving even simpler and faster. They’ll help you automate your discounts, earn rewards, and acquire coupon codes without spending time combing through online forums.

1. Wikibuy

Add this Chrome extension if you’re an avid Amazon shopper. Whenever you browse the ’Zon, you can click Wikibuy to get more info about the items you want to buy.

Click it to find coupon codes, add to your watchlist (to be notified when the price drops), see the price history or see a price comparison from other sellers including Walmart, Target, eBay and Jet.

With all that info, Wikibuy will let you know if this is the best time to buy.

It even tells you when your items will be delivered. If you like what you see, click the “Add to Wikibuy Cart” button that shows up automatically on Amazon, and Wikibuy places and tracks the order for you.

Bonus: Your payment information isn’t passed to the retailer, so it’s in fewer places online.

You also have the option to link a credit or debit card and earn credits while you shop. You can use your credits to buy things through Wikibuy.

After a simple free install, browsing to check out just takes two clicks, and your savings is instant. You can close your million Chrome tabs now — you’re welcome.

Works with: Chrome

2. Honey

When you’re ready to check out, Honey will pop up on the right side of your screen with available sales and coupon codes.

Simply click “Try Codes” to test whether any of them are applicable to your purchase. If so, you’ll instantly save money! Either way, you’ve saved yourself the time you’d normally spend Googling “coupon code [retailer name].”

Works with: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

3. Invisible Hand

Planning a big trip? Don’t jet out without downloading this browser extension!

In addition to helping you with your online shopping, Invisible Hand will automatically find the lowest price when you search for flights, hotels and rental cars.

While you’re shopping, Invisible Hand will discreetly notify you if the product or flights you’re browsing are offered at a lower price on another site. Simply scroll through a drop-down menu with price comparisons and click on the link to a cheaper option.

The tool boasts that it’s helped users save more than $1 billion so far, though the average savings per purchase is around $7.50. Still, that adds up!

Works with: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

4. The Camelizer

Are you an Amazon, Best Buy or Newegg shopper? Consider downloading The Camelizer.

This browser extension will let you see a product’s price history without leaving the retailer’s page.

You can also set up alerts, so when a product’s price drops, you will be one of the first to know!

International Amazon shoppers, this one’s for you! If you’re in the U.K., Germany, France, Japan, China, Canada, Italy or Spain, The Camelizer can help you save money.

Works with: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

5. Coupons at Checkout

Coupons at Checkout automatically finds coupon codes without you needing to search.

When you’re checking out, the Coupons at Checkout box will pop up on the right side of your screen. The app will automatically apply — or try to apply — any coupon codes it finds. It will even stack applicable coupons to maximize your savings!

With more than 100,000 e-commerce sites in its database, Coupons at Checkout is bound to help you save.

Works with: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

6. CouponCabin Sidekick

If you’re shopping online at one of the more than 1,800 retailers the site covers, the CouponCabin Sidekick will display a small bar at the top of your screen with any available coupon offers.

You might save money on your purchase, get free shipping or enjoy another deal.

Even better? The Sidekick also helps you earn up to 10% cash back from your purchases.

When you search for an item — say, bathing suits — you’ll see the amount of cash back displayed right in your search results.

Works with: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari

7. PriceBlink

While you’re shopping on one site, PriceBlink is busy scanning thousands of merchants to see if any of them offer a lower price on the same item. If it finds one or more matches, it displays a small bar at the top of your screen with a drop-down menu of other options. One click takes you to the site of your choice for a better deal.

If you’re browsing, say GAP, PriceBlink also checks to see whether the retailer offers any coupons or deals, then shows you the options.

That way, you can consider your savings before ever making it to the checkout page. If there isn’t a deal right then, you can always add the item to your PriceBlink Wish List to wait for a promotion.

Works with: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

8. Wallaby

Do you have several credit cards, each with a different points and rewards system?

It can be tough to know which card is best to use for which purchase, especially when you earn different amounts of points for different categories of purchases (like groceries, electronics or clothing).

The Wallaby browser extension helps you earn the most rewards from your purchase by telling you which credit card to use for each transaction.

Just shop online like normal, and when you’re ready to check out, just click the Wallaby icon to see which of your credit cards will earn you the most rewards or cash back.

Works with: Chrome

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