Need Glasses? How to Get $150 to Put Toward a New Pair

A woman with glasses smiles at the camera.
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If you’re anything like me, you wear the same old eyeglasses for years and years — even when the frames need a serious adjustment and the lenses are scratched.

Sure, you need glasses, you know, to see, but buying a new pair can be so darn expensive.

That’s where vision insurance is nice. It can help offset the cost of eye exams, glasses and contacts.

And you don’t have to get vision insurance through an employer. You can get your own plan starting as low as $13 a month with VSP Individual Vision Plans.

Most plans come with a $150 allowance for glasses. And you have the option to start your benefits more than one month out if you choose.

How to Snag a $150 Allowance Toward Your New Pair of Glasses

Not all employers offer worthwhile vision insurance. Heck, some employers don’t offer it at all. Or, if you’re self-employed, you probably don’t want to take on another costly monthly expense.

But the truth is, good vision insurance is a lot cheaper (and easier to find) than you might think.

VSP Individual Vision Plans start as low as $13 a month, and the typical savings you’ll get totals more than $200 a year. Plus, when you choose to pay your annual premium in monthly installments, you can pick your billing date or even choose to start your effective date beyond a month out.

It’s easy to shop your options, too. Just enter your ZIP code, and in about two seconds, you’ll be browsing different plans.

Getting Vision Insurance is Easier Than You Might Think

With VSP, you don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with insurance jargon or wading through a thousand options. All the costs and savings are clearly outlined and explained.

If you need any guidance, use the site’s “Plan Wizard” feature at the top of the page. Answer a few brief questions about your eye health and budget, and it’ll tell you the plan that best fits your needs.

The VSP Standard Plans include a $15 eye exam (these can be $200 out of pocket) and a $150 annual allowance, which you can put toward the purchase of glasses or contacts.

So are you ready to finally get a new pair of glasses that actually fit your head and aren’t all scratched up? See your VSP vision insurance options in seconds.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.