8 Slick Ways to Save Money on Amazon You Probably Don’t Know About

A man smiles while holding onto an Amazon box.
Carmen Mandato/The Penny Hoarder
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Who doesn’t shop on Amazon these days?

It’s just too easy, especially when you’re super busy or don’t feel like trekking across town to run an errand.

But the thing is, because it’s so convenient, it’s so easy to rack up a huge tab.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple ways to save money on Amazon. Here are some of our favorites:


1. Answer Some Questions and Get $25 Amazon Gift Cards

A woman uses an Amazon gift card to shop.
Aileen Perilla/The Penny Hoarder

You’ve probably heard of online survey sites, but sometimes they pay so little or give you random gift cards you’ll never even use.

But we like Swagbucks, a free rewards site that’ll pay you in $25 Amazon gift cards when you answer some questions about yourself.

This might sound too good to be true, but we talked to one Swagbucks user in Pennsylvania, 52-year-old Carolinda Hendrickson, who earned $1,200 in gift cards in a year. Not bad for something you can do from your couch.

It takes seconds to sign up, and you can even earn a $5 bonus.

2. Get Another Free $20 to Spend at Amazon

I’m already addicted to earning cash back on my grocery hauls through Ibotta.

But now it’s expanded well past groceries and into other realms — like Amazon.

If you sign up for Amazon Prime (highly recommend if you’re an addict) through Ibotta, you’ll earn a $20 Amazon gift card. If you’re already a Prime member, no worries. You can still earn cash back. We’ve found tons of Amazon offers on Ibotta. Here are some examples:

  • 5% cash back on home services
  • 3% cash back on fashion
  • 3% cash back on home and kitchen
  • 3% cash back on pet supplies
  • 3% cash back on luggage
  • 3% cash back on devices

All you have to do is download Ibotta (you’ll snag a free $10 for signing up) then shop through the app.

3. Swap Your Grocery Receipts For Free Amazon Gift Cards

Even if you buy everything on Amazon, you probably still have to make a grocery run every now and then. So, next time you’re out, instead of shoving your grocery receipt to the bottom of your bag, snap a photo of it.

It sounds strange, but a free app called Fetch Rewards will turn your receipts into gift cards. It partners with tons of brands to give you points for every grocery receipt you share a photo of. Then exchange those points for gift cards to places like Amazon.

It’s perfect for us “lazy savers.” There’s no scanning barcodes and no searching offers. Fetch does everything for you.

Plus, when you download the app, use the code PENNY to automatically earn 2,000 points when you scan your first receipt.

Pro tip: Fetch will accept receipts up to 14 days old, so fish out those older receipts you have and start earning points without even making a single trip to the store!

4. Watch Videos Online to Get $225 to Put Toward Your Amazon Tab

A man laughs as he watches online videos.
Getty Images

If we told you that before your next purchase on Amazon, you could get paid to watch cooking videos on your computer, you’d probably laugh.

It’s too good to be true, right?

But we’re serious. A website called InboxDollars will pay you to watch short video clips online. One minute you might watch a chef teach you the recipe for fudge brownies and the next you might get the latest updates on Kardashian drama.

All you have to do is choose which videos you want to watch and answer a few quick questions about them afterward. Brands pay InboxDollars to get these videos in front of viewers, and it passes a cut onto you.

It’s possible to earn up to $225 per month watching these videos — that could make a serious dent on your Amazon tab.

Unlike other sites, InboxDollars pays you in cash — no points or gift cards — and it’s already paid its users more than $56 million.

It takes about one minute to sign up, and you’ll immediately earn a $5 bonus to get you started.

5. Get Amazon Gift Cards For Playing Games like Words With Friends and Rise of Kingdoms

Get paid to play games on your phone? Yeah, right. We’ve all heard that before.

Here’s what that usually means: Logging dozens of hours on games you’ve never heard of, just for a few cents. Gee, thanks.

But a free Android app called Mistplay actually pays you for playing popular games like Words With Friends 2, Rise of Kingdoms, Yahtzee, Clash Royale, Star Wars and more.

As you play, Mistplay rewards you in points, which you can exchange for gift cards for brands like Visa, Amazon and more.

You’ll even get bonus points when you sign up and enter the code penny50.

The more you play, the more you’ll earn. Plus, Mistplay offers some bigger in-game rewards — up to $20.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up and start getting paid to play games.

6. Shop Amazon’s Outlet Store

A woman walks down the street with an Amazon box.
Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

Did you know Amazon has an outlet store? Seriously. It works similarly to your traditional brick-and-mortar outlet stores; it stocks overstocked items and sells them at a discount. You can find anything from pet supplies to clothing to electronics to grocery items.

7. Take 5 Surveys and Get a Free $5 Amazon Gift Card

Here’s an easy way to get $5 toward your next Amazon order: Take five online surveys through a website called MyPoints.

MyPoints is a research company that’ll pay you to answer questions about different products and services you use. In return, it’ll give you free gift cards. You can even do this from your phone.

To date, MyPoints has paid people more than $236 million in gift cards.

To get your $5 Amazon gift card, just sign up and complete your first five surveys.

8. Dig Out Your Old Electronics and Trade Them in For Amazon Credits

Got an old phone sitting in the bottom of your junk drawer? A dead tablet? A hoard of video games you haven’t touched in years?

Amazon could give you gift cards for them.

Through the Amazon Trade-In program, you can send in your old eligible electronics and get gift cards for them.

Don’t worry about paying for shipping, either. Amazon will give you a free prepaid shipping label. If Amazon won’t accept your electronics, it’ll send them back to you for free.