If You’re Gonna Work on Vacay Anyway, Do It on a Free Trip to Hawaii

Sometimes we just need a break from the monotony of cubicle life.

What better way to escape than by working from the beautiful Hawaiian islands?

Hawaii Tourism United States is sponsoring a contest for six lucky New Yorkers to win an all-expenses-paid, weeklong work vacation in the Aloha State.

Yes, the trip is designed for the contest winners to actually get some work done. But before you start protesting about the blurred lines of work-life balance, the selected travelers are required to work only two days out of the eight-day, seven-night trip.

The tourism agency surveyed over 1,000 Americans and found out most millennials (defined as people ages 22 to 37) end up working on their vacations anyway, so this requirement shouldn’t be a big deal.

Plus, these tropical work digs sound truly inspiring.

Working in Hawaii

The tourism group designed six residencies to fit workers in different industries. Each workspace will be located on a different island.

The Design Loft will be on Oahu and is fitting for graphic designers, typographers and stylists.

The Corner Office will be on Lanai and is ideal for entrepreneurs and company leaders.

The Location Scout will be on Kauai and is suitable for photographers, cinematographers and content creators.

The Sound Space will be on the Island of Hawaii and is designed for musicians and podcasters.

The Tech Lab will be on Maui and is perfect for programmers, cryptominers, app builders and game developers.

The Writing Desk will be on Molokai and is crafted for journalists, novelists and other wordsmiths.

The contest winners will also get to enjoy three activities centered around cuisine, culture and adventure and curated to match the six different career types. In addition, the winners will receive a per diem to cover meals and local transportation.

The total vacay package — which includes round-trip airfare, accommodations and a $2,500 check to help offset taxes — is valued at about $10,000.

How to Enter

To be eligible to enter the Work From Hawaii contest, you must live and work in the New York City metropolitan area, be between 24 and 36 years old and have a public Instagram account. (Contest winners will be required to post to Instagram at least five times during their trip.)

To enter the contest, visit Work-From-Hawaii.com and complete the registration form.

Contest applicants need to submit information about their work experience and what type of work they plan to do in Hawaii, plus describe how working from Hawaii will help them return to New York refreshed and ready to better their careers.

The contest closes June 4, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Judges will select finalists based on their entries and their social-media presence — though according to the contest’s frequently asked questions, it doesn’t matter how many IG followers you have. Finalists must complete a phone interview before the judges select the winners.

Winners will be selected by mid-July, and they must be available to take the work vacation in September.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She would love a free Hawaiian vacation.