Change Your Budget So You Have Money to Invest

You may have heard the adage that you should always pay yourself first.  The problem for most people is that paying yourself first is often difficult to do.  There always seems to be so many other demands on your money.  However, the best thing you can do IS put yourself and your financial security first.

If you can’t set aside some money every paycheck or you’re regularly using a service like 24 hour payday loans uk, things may need to change.  First, you could see how you could cut expenses.  Yes, saving for yourself is that important.  After you cut unnecessary expenses, the next step may be finding a better, higher paying job.  If you can’t do that or don’t want to, it may be time to find a side gig.  Even a side gig that pays as little as $500 to $1,000 a month can give you the necessary money to be able to save and invest for yourself.

Once you have the money to set aside for yourself, branch out.  Don’t just put all the money in the savings account.  (Putting it all in the savings account is a good idea until you have an ample emergency fund.  After you have an ample emergency fund, it’s time to invest for your future.)  Instead, invest some for your retirement.  You’ll also want to invest outside of your retirement.

For your retirement, it’s a good idea to contribute to your employer’s retirement plan up to the amount required to get a company match.  Your retirement fund will grow twice as quickly if you get the employer match.

Then, don’t forget to invest for yourself.  Depending on your risk tolerance, there are plenty of places you could invest.  You could choose bonds or stocks.  (One “safe” investment that generally is no longer worthwhile is bank CDs because your money is locked up for a considerable amount of time, and the interest rate is very low.)  You may also want to consider more daring types of investments such as peer-to-peer lending and foreign currency trading.

Most people never exhibit the discipline to save and invest for themselves.  Instead, they live paycheck to paycheck.  Break this cycle by making it a priority to save and invest for yourself, even if it means cutting expenses or finding a new job or a side job.  Your future, richer, self will thank you.

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