Craziest. Sale. Ever. JCPenney is Selling Items for a Penny Each

Mike Mozart under Creative Commons

You could probably guess our favorite coin is the penny.

What you may not know? Retailer JCPenney is using our beloved copper piece to lure shoppers back into stores — it’s selling some items for just one cent.

It’s all part of its new “Get Your Penney’s Worth” campaign, which kicks off with a week-long “Penney Days” event on Sunday, Feb. 28.

What Can You Get For a Penny?

You’ll be able to buy one Arizona brand item and get the second for just a penny, both in-store and online, during the promotion.

Even more exciting? Some in-store Arizona items will only cost you a single penny — no minimum purchase required.

To discover which items are available for a single cent, you’ll have to go into your local JCP store on the day of the promotion.

If you’re a Penny Hoarder like us, it sounds like it’ll be worth a trip!

Your Turn: Will you head to JCP for the Penney Days event?

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