With Just One Question, This 10-Year-Old Completely Changed How Her Dad Thinks About Money

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I love kids. Not only for their tiny adorable shoes — OK, a lot of it is their shoes — but also for their perspectives.

The way they see the world is so refreshing.

Little (or not-so-little) kids sometimes say super random things that make me question my whole existence, thinking, “You’re right — why do I do it that way?” or “What is the point of this?”

Recently, author and speaker Jon Acuff had a similar experience: His 10-year-old daughter asked him a simple question that changed how he viewed money.

This Kid’s Wiser Than She Knows…

It happened while Acuff was describing a work opportunity to his wife; though the job didn’t fit with his goals or mission, it paid well.

That’s when his 10-year-old daughter jumped in, asking: “Why would you ever do something just for the money? You already have some.”

And like that, Acuff says his view of money changed.

“Kids think you need some money,” he writes. “Adults think you need ‘enough money.’

“The problem is there’s no such thing as enough money. It’s a myth like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster or kale chips that taste as good as regular chips.”

He’s right: None of us will ever have “enough money.”

We’ve all read stories about miserable millionaires and lottery winners who blew it all. To us, it seems like these people had more than enough money — but ultimately, that wasn’t what mattered.

Because, as Acuff so eloquently puts it:

The problem is that money is a something that pretends to be an everything.

He’s not saying money isn’t important; money, after all, allows you to do thing like feed your family, start a business, pay for college, take your kids on vacation and cover the cost of health care.

What he is saying?

Don’t let money be your everything — and don’t let your impossible pursuit of “enough money” cloud the other parts of your life.

“I’m not against money, but I’m done with enough money,” writes Acuff. “There’s no such thing and like a 10-year-old told me, some money is a lot more fun anyway.”

Your Turn: Do you think this 10-year-old is onto something?

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