Looking for Fun Parenting Blogs? 5 Reasons We Love Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy
Scary Mommy

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, one of my friends who already had kids almost immediately suggested I check out Scary Mommy.

“It’s hilarious,” she said. “And the confessions make you feel good about even your worst days as a mom. Trust me.”

She was right on so many levels. As an older first-time mom, I was looking for friends who could relate to the phase I was in at that moment.

While I found my tribe pretty easily, as acquaintances from my Yoga Teacher Training started becoming mommies, too, Scary Mommy became a resource I turned to time and again.

Here are a few reasons why I love this blog and online community for parents:

1. It’s Good for a Laugh

Sometimes parents just need a good laugh. As a parent of a toddler who’s testing ALL the limits, those days when I need some help cracking a smile are becoming more frequent.

Many of the posts at Scary Mommy — like this one on taking care of yourself first — bring to light the dark side of parenting. The irreverent humor is perfect for those days when you need to lighten up a bit. Who wouldn’t crack up when reading about ways your toddler is like a dog?

2. You’ll Find Support for Working Moms

Every working mom is different. Among my group of mommy friends who work outside the home, some are grateful for their time at the office, while others wish they had the option to be at home full time with their kids.

But when we’re completely honest, we each fall into both those groups depending on the day.

Whether you’re feeling certain of your decision to work outside of the home or find yourself questioning that choice every other week, you’ll find posts on Scary Mommy that help you see the positive side of your choice.

And the best part is, you’ll never be judged for whatever you decide!

3. You’ll Also Find Support for Stay-at-Home Moms

A number of factors influenced my decision to stay at home with my boys, not the least of which were the cost of childcare and my desire to work for myself.

No matter what your reason for staying at home with your kids, you won’t feel judged by the community at Scary Mommy. Instead, you’ll feel supported on those hard days and discover humor to make them easier.

If and when you’re ready to go back to work, this community is great for that, too. Just one example: I found value in this post on how to improve your resume so you can minimize the “motherhood penalty.”

4. Every Parent Can Relate in Some Way

There are so many posts on Scary Mommy that you’re sure to find some ideas, questions or approaches you relate to. With topics ranging from body image to food allergies to single parenting and more, parents can find support and encouragement — not to mention brutal honesty — about just about any topic.

My favorite posts are the ones that help me take my job as a mom a little less seriously. I think we can all use that reminder from time to time!

5. Unorthodox Tips for Saving Money are Always Helpful

While Scary Mommy doesn’t focus specifically on finance, you’ll glean plenty of tips for saving money on the site. In fact, the community has an entire category aimed at helping soon-to-be parents decide which items are worth spending your money on and which items you’ll never miss.

It might be tongue-in-cheek, but you’ll also find advice on allowances, saving for college, and paying for your children’s teeth. And we all know having children can be expensive, but there’s even a piece about the ways having kids can save you money. Who would’ve thought?

Scary Mommy will help you laugh, make you cry, give you support and teach you a thing or two. If you’re looking for straight-up advice, look somewhere else. But if you need some giggles and enjoy taking an irreverent look at the parenting life, Scary Mommy is for you.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite site for parenting advice?

Ami Spencer Youngs is a freelance writer and yoga teacher, raising her career alongside two boys under three. Learn more about her life and her writing at writingherlife.com or on Twitter at @writingherlife.

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