Smart and Sneaky Ways to Save More Money on Amazon Purchases

Smart and Sneaky Ways to Save More Money on Amazon Purchases
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Love Amazon, but don’t always love the prices?

We know how you feel. The “everything at your fingertips” nature of Amazon can be addictive — I can buy food, furniture and clothes without leaving my couch? Yes, please!

But sometimes it’s simply cheaper to forgo the convenience factor and do a little old-fashioned physical shopping. It may be a pain lugging a value-pack of toilet paper from store-to-car and car-to-house, but it’s not always economical to have the stuff shipped to you, especially if you can find a better deal in-store.

Hopefully, we can help you enjoy Amazon’s convenience a little more often. Start with these brilliant strategies from Debt Roundup, where Grayson Bell shared five little-known ways to save when shopping at Tricks include “forcing a promotion,” keeping multiple browser tabs open, and checking out Amazon Warehouse (did you know that’s a thing?).

Then, boost the savings factor even further with these additional hacks:

Snag Discounted Amazon Gift Cards

Take your pick of several sites that sell discounted gift cards. Gift Card Granny, at the time of writing, has around 1,000 Amazon gift cards for sale at discounts ranging from 0.5% to 40%. Buy a few discounted cards and use them in combination with some of the other hacks on this list to maximize your savings.

Use a Cash-Back Site

Get paid to shop! Cash-back site offers a 6% rebate on Amazon purchases in certain categories like shoes, outdoors, handbags, etc. Check it out before you browse to see if your purchase will qualify. (Like this idea? Click to tweet!)

Get to Work

If you’re looking for a “side job” that’s totally flexible, fast and can be done anywhere, anytime, check out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Complete basic tasks in the time it takes for your favorite show to come back from a commercial break, and you could rack up a little extra spending money instead of checking your Facebook feed yet again.

Answer a few Questions

Another profitable way to kill some time? Sharing your opinion. Survey sites like Swagbucks reward you for answering questions about everything from grocery shopping to TV shows by giving you points, which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards.

So go ahead. Have your toilet paper delivered to your front door. You’ll have earned it with smart shopping like this.

Your Turn: What other tricks do you like to use to save at

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