Staples Will Help Its Employees Pay Off Student Loans — and It’s Hiring!

November 2, 2016
by Dana Sitar
Staff Writer
Pay off student loans

Office supply retailer Staples announced this week it’s implementing a new benefit for select employees: It will help them pay off student loans.

For now, the new program targets “new hire sales associates and existing candidates who have been identified as high potential and top performers,” according to a press release. Additional employees should receive the benefit in the future as the program rolls out.

The repayment plan will be administered by student loan benefits manager

Full-time U.S. Staples employees — students or graduates — with at least one outstanding student loan will have their loan principal paid at $100 per month for 36 months.

The office supply giant is also adding 1,000 new hires to its sales force around the country, said Staples’ executive vice president of global human resources Regis Mulot in Tuesday’s press release.

Sales associates act as cashiers and provide customer service in the store. Typical to retail work, you’d have a flexible schedule. Hours per week aren’t specified and will probably vary depending on the store’s needs in your location.

You can find openings for sales associates and other positions in your area here.

In addition to the Student Loan Repayment Plan, Staples also offers employees a Tuition Reimbursement Program, which reimburses a portion of tuition fees based on their number of years of service.

Parents can also benefit from Staples’ Dependent Scholarship Program, 30 awards of $3,000 to employees’ dependents to help pay for college or technical schools.

Your Turn: Do you know any companies that offer tuition assistance? Share them in the comments!

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by Dana Sitar
Contributor for The Penny Hoarder

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