9 Fun Ways to Make Money on Social Media

how to make money on instagram
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You probably spend a good deal of time on social media every day. You’re checking in with friends on Facebook, posting selfies on Instagram, watching instructional videos on YouTube.

Since you already know your way around the top platforms, why not make some extra money online?

When it comes to in-demand services, social media is a booming opportunity. Businesses hire people to manage and moderate their pages and profiles. Brands hire social media influencers to spread the word about their products.

Let’s look at several ways you can profit from using social media.

1. Profit from Your Selfies with Stylinity

Stylinity is a platform that helps you earn commissions when people buy the wares you sport in your selfies. You can share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

2. Become a Brand Ambassador with Delmondo

“Creators can earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per Instagram post depending on the size and scope of the brand/project and the size of the influencer’s audience,” Delmondo founder Nick Cicero told me.

“There are some campaigns where brands hire creators to create and post content all themselves, and other brands hire a lot of great instagrammers to shoot photos for their brand account that fit the aesthetic.”

3. Sell Your House

ListingDoor.com is a new site that helps people sell their own homes via social media. This can help reduce the costs by eliminating the need for an agent.

4. Share Your Referral Links

You don’t need a blog or website to profit from referral programs.

Many shopping sites like Groupon, Zulily, Swagbucks and Ebates will give you cash or store credit for referring your family and friends to their services. This is a great opportunity to not only make money, but also save it!

I’m also building a nice little “rainy day” savings account by referring friends to Capital One 360. Not only do you get a $20 bonus when a friend signs up, new customers receive $25 to $500 for opening a new savings or checking account.

5. Freelance Social Media Manager

Social media is constantly changing. For the average business owner, it’s time-consuming and challenging stay up to date on best practices and get the best results from their efforts.

This is why social media management is one of the most in-demand freelance specialties of the moment.

It also pays pretty well. Most freelancers charge $500 and up per month per client for daily status updates, responding to customer service concerns, removing spam, etc.

6. Independent Contractor or Employee Social Media Manager

Maybe you don’t want to go it alone as a home business owner. No worries.

Many companies hire social media managers as independent contractors or even employees. Here are a few positions that were open at the time of writing:

7. YouTube

Did you know you could make money from your YouTube videos? All you need is an AdSense account and Google will start paying you for placement of their sponsored ads.

You can also add your own affiliate links to your videos or get brand offers through sites like iFabbo, Massive Sway or Business2Blogger.

8. Become a Social Selling Consultant

Direct sales is so last year. The name of the game is now social selling. Many home party plans now offer consultants the opportunity to earn a living without ever holding an in-home show.

Social media tools and virtual party technology are popular, and most companies offer their reps a replicated website for selling and sharing online.

9. Social Media Auditor

Some freelancers focus only on optimizing a business’ profile as opposed to ongoing management and maintenance.

For example, Carrie Aulenbacher works with authors to ensure their social media profiles are providing the best first impression. She told WAHW:

“I have started offering ‘Author Audits’ and Facebook Author Page Customization to any interested authors.

“I’ve found success in connecting and networking with fellow authors on LinkedIn group discussions and then working to help them create or touch up their author page OR to provide a personalized audit of their entire social media presence.

“For those who never hear back from fans in an objective manner, I let authors know how easy/hard it is to find their info, if their blog is engaging, do all their website buttons work, does everything look good, etc.

“No cheesy letter grades, just my honest opinion. Monthly I do between $20-$80 as I’m just starting out.”

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