Airbnb Will Give You an Extra $150 to Be a Host This Summer in These Cities

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There’s no doubt about it: Airbnb is revolutionizing how we travel.

As a traveler, it’s often my first stop for accommodations. I love booking stays directly with local hosts — it’s usually more affordable and always more unique than a hotel.

And for the hosts?

Turns out, it can be quite lucrative. It’s a chance to meet people from all over the world — while also earning a flexible side income.

If you’re curious about hosting, now might be the time to give it a try.

In certain cities right now, Airbnb will give you a $150 bonus just for creating a listing and accepting your first booking.

Here’s how it works…

How to Get a $150 Bonus to Try Out Airbnb

Airbnb says it sees 200%-300% more bookings between June and August — meaning hosts can earn a lot during these hot summer months.

Wondering just how much?

Here are the average earnings of the top 10% of active listings in:

  • Atlanta: Up to $850 per week
  • Boston: Up to $1,500 per week
  • Philadelphia: Up to $500 per week

Plus, if you live in one of these cities, Airbnb will give you a $150 cash bonus just for creating a listing and accepting your first booking.

Here’s how to jump on it:

1. Create Your Airbnb Account

airbnb host

Between now and August 31, 2016, make a hosting account on Airbnb.

Or, log in to your existing account, and create your first listing.

Here are the links to register in Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia.

2. Make an Airbnb Listing

airbnb host

Make a listing for your spare room or property.

Be sure to spend time on your description, and add high-quality photos with lots of natural light.

To qualify for the $150 bonus, the listing must be:  

  • New and not duplicated from another Airbnb listing, as well as associated with a first-time host
  • Priced at $65 per night or more, excluding cleaning fees and taxes
  • Located within 25 miles of the intersection of: Decatur St. SE and Edgewood Ave. SE in Atlanta; Hancock St. and Derne St. in Boston and Market St. and 15th St. in Philadelphia

3. Complete an Airbnb Reservation

Now, all that’s left to do is start hosting!

You must accept and complete at least one reservation for your new listing, with guests beginning their stay on or before August 31.

I can’t tell you how your rental will fare, but I can tell you many others have had great success hosting with Airbnb.

Blogger Paula Pant put one of her Atlanta properties on Airbnb and eventually earned over $28,000 in a single year.

Even after the added expenses, hosting on Airbnb earned her about $600 more per month than being a landlord.

Or take NYC host Seth Porges, who earned $60,000 in two years by renting his second bedroom, according to the New York Post. He used the money to develop a hit iPhone app.

And, it turns out, it’s not just about the money.

If you visit Airbnb’s blog, you’ll find all kinds of inspiring hosting stories — some people have even fallen in love through the platform.  

“I honestly thought I’d never get married,” says one lucky host. “And here I was, basically never leaving this house because I was up to my ears in textbooks studying, and taking care of my dad and these guests. Then this woman of my dreams literally knocks on my door.”

They’re now engaged, living in the house where they met and still hosting visitors from around the world. Oh, and earning money while they’re at it.

Want to give it a shot?

Here are the links to sign up to be an Airbnb host in Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia.

Your Turn: Will you try hosting a traveler with Airbnb?

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