If You’re Bilingual, This Company Will Pay You $15/Hour to Work From Home

Bilingual jobs
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Languages are SO cool.

Maybe that’s me just nerding out as a writer, and also as a traveler — but I absolutely love learning and listening to other languages.

And although I dabble in a few, I’ve come to terms with the fact I’ll never be bilingual. And I’ll always be insanely jealous of those who are.

If YOU are lucky and smart and hard-working enough to fluently speak two languages, I found a pretty cool opportunity: Become an ad evaluator with ZeroChaos.

The company is looking for people to “improve the accuracy and relevancy” of internet ads in 22 languages — and if you fit the bill, you’ll get paid $15 an hour to work part time from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Snag One of These Bilingual Jobs

“As an Ads Rater, you are given sample search terms and shown advertisements that would be placed with search results,” the listing explains.

You’ll view the ads in your chosen language and provide “feedback and analysis,” including when the words sound “funny, awkward or unnatural.”

To be eligible, you must be fluent in both the chosen language and English and be familiar with the chosen region’s culture and trends.

You’ll work from home, set your own part-time schedule and earn $15 per hour.

The company has mixed reviews on Indeed; some cited poor communication, short contracts and abrupt firings, while others said they appreciated the flexible schedule and ability to work from home.

As always, I recommend reading the reviews and making your own decision before applying.

If you think it sounds like a good gig for you, here are the languages and regions the company’s looking for right now:

  • Indonesian — Indonesia
  • Cantonese — Hong Kong
  • Taiwanese — Taiwan
  • Turkish — Turkey
  • Thai — Thailand
  • Korean — Korea
  • Dutch — The Netherlands
  • Ukrainian — Ukraine
  • Danish — Denmark
  • Greek — Greece
  • Vietnamese — Vietnam
  • Hebrew — Israel
  • Hungarian — Hungary
  • Italian — Italy
  • Polish — Poland
  • German — Germany
  • Japanese — Japan
  • Swedish — Sweden
  • Simplified Chinese — China
  • French — France
  • Arabic — Egypt
  • Russian — Russia

Did you see your language and region on the list? Then click here to apply!

Hint: For immediate review, the listing notes, “Please make sure to select ‘Referral’ under ‘Where did you hear about us?’ and then input my name: Ronna Waites where it says to ‘specify further.’”

Good luck / がんばろう / bonne chance / בהצלחה !

Your Turn: Do you speak any other languages?

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