Live in Canada? Make $50 By Sharing Your Thoughts on This Year’s Hockey Season

Kaz Andrew
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This is an easy one. We found a couple of focus groups that are paying Canadians to share their opinions on a variety of topics from hockey to your favorite beers to your thoughts on the latest movies.

These panels are usually pretty hard to get on, but we’ve been told they need a number of new people for March. Here are the details….

1. Nielsen Pine Cone Panel

The Pine Cone Panel, which is  run by the folks over at the Nielsen company (the same people who track TV ratings), are looking for opinionated people to weigh in on a number of different topics.

It also happens to be one of my favorite panels, because they offer a flat rate every time you take a short survey ($3). Some panels can pay as little as 50 cents when you answer questions, so this one is considered the best.

It’s pretty easy to earn an extra $50 or month just by finishing the questionnaires they send you every day.

Here’s the signup form.

2. DailyRewards 

I also just heard that DailyRewards is accepting new panelists this month and get this, they’ll give you $5 just to sign up! Crazy, right?

It’s pretty easy to sign up – just need a name and an email address. The surveys they have you fill out are usually pretty short and entertaining. I like to do them in front of the TV at the end of the day (anyone else watching House of Cards this month?!!).

This survey company requires that you earn $30 before you request a check, but it’s pretty easy to do with just a few hours of work.

Here’s the signup form.

I’m not sure how long these guys will be accepting panelists, but I’ll try to keep the post updated to let you know when the recruitment period ends.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!