This Sweet Cover Letter Helped One Guy Land His Dream Job

Best cover letter

How many jobs have you applied for when you really needed a paycheck?

For one British man, whose partner says they were “desperate” and living off $1.50 per day, it was a lot.

Finally, on his 50th application, a unique cover letter landed him a job — a very sweet one at that.

Here’s what he wrote.

The Letter That Finally Landed This Guy a SWEET Job

“My partner was on his 50th job application and very tired when he sent this off to Baskin Robbins,” Reddit user MrsWhyNot explains.

“It got him the job.”

As soon as you read it, you’ll know why we quickly fell in love with the applicant — and his unique approach to cover letters.

To the hiring manager,

I will start by saying, I LOVE ICE CREAM like no other person that will apply for this position. I have often been regarded as an enthusiast of all frozen dairy goods, however I still do not feel qualified for such claims until I have worked for the king of all ice-creameries, that is, Baskin-Robbins. My love of ice-cream began at an early age when my friends and I would purchase 2 litre tubs and eat them in there (sic) entirety with our debit cards, a tradition for which we still continue to this day. I am currently living in an apartment in the centre of (X) with no transport or drivers licence, however I would sprint the 8 miles a day to work for your glorious creamy establishment. My favourite flavour of ice cream is Cookie Dough. If you are looking for the best scooper in town, then look no further as I am quite the scoop. I am available to work all days of the week including sundaes.

Thanks a gelato,

Yours sincerely,

Joseph [BA] ????

Pretty fantastic, right?

And even better, his partner says it’s all true — and Joseph’s super excited to start his new gig.

“He loves Baskin Robbins, to the point that he even thought working there was too much of a dream to even try for,” she explains. “Which is why he sent it as a half joke. He is bouncing around like a child right now and is mid way through memorising their 52 flavours.”

(She also notes he won’t actually run to work; he will, instead, take the bus.)

Moral of the story?

Even if you don’t think you’ll get a job, you’ve got nothing to lose — so apply anyway. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

“Sometimes honesty, personality, and a bit of risk is what you need,” MrsWhyNot points out.

I completely agree — do you?

Your Turn: Have you ever taken a silly approach when applying to a job?

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