Here’s Where to Move for the Most Jobs in Your Industry

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Whether you’re beginning a new career or itching for a change of scenery, it’s good to know where you and your skills are in high demand.

You can probably guess underwater welding is popular in Alaska, and investment banking is big in New York.

But what about broader fields, like nursing or marketing?

CareerBuilder’s new Explore Careers tool offers excellent insight into the hottest spots for hundreds of different careers, as well as salary ranges, required skills and other information.

Here’s how to use it…

The Heat Map That Lets You Explore Careers

Just go to the site, type in your chosen career and click “Show Me Insights.”

Once there, select the “Demand” tab and scroll down.

You’ll find a heat map displaying where demand for your job is highest and lowest.

For example, an ER nurse would be wise to move to Arizona, Texas or Florida; a food service worker to Wisconsin, Texas or Washington, D.C.,; and a bookkeeper to Minnesota, California or Massachusetts.

I was disappointed to see blue-collar careers like plumber or electrician missing from the database.

But it’s still fun to click around.

Compare your salary against national and city-specific averages, and see a roadmap of skills needed to advance your career.

You can even upload your resume to “receive a detailed, personalized assessment of how compatible [it] is with the market demand” for a specific role.

As for me?

I typed in “writer” and discovered demand is fairly low across the country. (Shocker!)

Guess I’ll stay right where I am.

Your Turn: Would you move if it meant better career opportunities?

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