6 Tips That Will Help You Stand Out from the Crowd at a Mass Hiring Event

group of people at a table for a group job interview
julief514/Getty Images

Career fair and hiring event interviews are unnerving under the best circumstances, but employers can really ratchet up the tension with hiring events that include on-the-spot interviews and job offers.

You’re vying with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people for a finite number of jobs in an environment that basically seems like a human cattle call.

These job interviews are the perfect storm of stressful hiring events.

But don’t worry — you’ve got this.

Here’s how to ace on-the-spot interviews and walk out with a job.

1. Do Your Homework

Check out the company’s website and career page to find out what they do and what kind of jobs are available.

Taking the time to learn about a potential employer before an interview shows the kind of initiative hiring managers look for.

2. Dress to Impress

Choose your interview outfit as carefully as if you were meeting with the hiring manager alone.

Stand out because you took the time to pull together a professional look, and don’t let an on-the-spot interview throw you off your game.

3. Take Your Interview Kit

Go to the hiring event prepared with what you’ll need for both the interview and hiring process:

  • A couple of pens
  • Your resume
  • Your business cards, if you have some
  • A small pad to take notes
  • A government-issued ID and your social security card so you’re ready for any new hire paperwork
  • Breath mints

4. Keep Your Cool

It’s natural to be nervous during an on-the-spot interview. Rehearsing answers ahead of time to some common questions can help you relax when the spotlight’s on you.

If you really bomb the interview, dust yourself off and consider it a learning opportunity for next time. Remember, it could always be worse.

5. Plan Ahead

When you’re offered a job at the end of an interview, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget important details.

Make a list ahead of time with questions to ask or things your new employer needs to know so you don’t forget in the moment.

6. Be Gracious

If things don’t go your way and you don’t land a job at the end of the interview, remember to be gracious.

You never know — you might have missed the opportunity by a hair and be next on the list if someone else turns down the job. Be sure the last impression you make is a good one.

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She loves helping readers find jobs so look her up on Twitter @lisah if you’ve got a tip to share.