These Insider Inc. Internships Could Help You Launch Your Writing Career

Obsessed with pets? Food? Technology? Social media?

This may be your chance to get your foot inside the door.

Insider Inc., a digital media website based in New York City, has internships across all of its platforms.

You could be the next lifestyle intern and write about celebrities, select the “deal of the day” as the Insider Picks commerce intern or be the video writing intern about pets.

What You Need to Know About Insider Internships


Less than half of the internships list “paid” in their job description.

However, the opportunities listed as paid include food and travel writing intern, finance editorial intern, social media intern and sports editorial internship.

Keep in mind that you do have rights and unpaid internships may be illegal.


It’s the Big Apple or bust for all but two of these internships.

You can skip the skyscrapers and opt for the California coast instead as a tech editorial intern in San Francisco or as an evening news intern in Los Angeles.


The majority of the internships run for six months with a preferred 40-hour workweek commitment.

Start and end dates are not specified.

Deadline to Apply

No deadlines are listed. But as with anything, the sooner the better. So if you’re interested, apply now.


Unlike some entry-level internships, most of these opportunities require experience, degrees and specific skills.

Prior experience and knowledge of the beat, as well as a strong portfolio will boost your application.


Insider Inc. says many of its writers and editors started out as interns, so this could really be your big break.

Get ready to hustle and be a cog that turns the media machine.

These gigs are fast-paced, and interns don’t get coffee, file or make copies. Instead, they’re expected to collaborate, generate content and get their hands dirty in meaningful work, according to the postings.

Tips When Applying for Internships

The best way to get an internship is to give potential employers everything they need up front.

Make sure your resume includes all relevant work experience and always include a cover letter.

During my interview at The Penny Hoarder, I was told my quirky cover letter piqued the editor’s interest. Cover letters will get you everywhere, so do not skip them.

Any story or blog links and portfolios of your relevant work give you credibility and help you stand out.

Include references, as some employers go full steam ahead and may contact references before they even call you.

Read the job description carefully and include every requested detail.

Remember, applying for an internship can’t hurt and if you don’t get it this time, you can always try again.

Stephanie Bolling is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She prefers the Sunshine State to the Big Apple.