This Stellar Job Lets Science Writers Work From Home Part-Time ($15/Hour!)


Do you spend your days thinking about virtual reality, robots and rogue planets?  

Then you might want to spend today thinking about joining the team at Futurism.

This website “covers the breakthrough technologies and scientific discoveries that will shape humanity’s future” and currently is looking for a part-time remote science writer.

But don’t space out about the possibilities just yet…. here are all the details.

How to Work as a Futurism Science Writer

In this position, you’ll work from home and write highly-engaging, timely news articles about science and technology for more than 20 million followers.

You need to have experience “writing for a popular audience” and a “passion for science communication.” You should also be “familiar with Futurism’s voice and the general science and tech landscape.”

You’ll work for at least four hours on five different days, for a total of 20 hours per week. The base pay is $15 per hour, but will depend on education and experience, according to an email from the company.

Even better, there’s opportunity to advance to full-time status when positions open up. With a company like this, the sky just might be the limit!

Here’s the link to apply.

Your Turn: Will you apply to this science job?
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