Get Paid $50K a Year to Write Greeting Cards. These Companies are Hiring

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While you were in the drugstore searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day card, did you give any thought to who wrote it?

If you bought a Hallmark card, it might’ve been Diana Manning, who’s worked for the company for more than 30 years, creating two to 20 cards per week.

“Greeting card writers in the U.S. make $51,000 a year on average,” Business Insider reports, citing salary data from

As a writer (and lover of sappy cards), I thought this sounded like a fascinating job.

So I decided to see if any positions were open…

Wanna Write Greeting Cards for a Living?

Hallmark isn’t the largest greeting card company — that title goes to American Greetings but it still brought in $3.8 billion in 2014.

I made its website my first stop, and was excited to see a few writing jobs are actually available:

Writer: In this position, you’ll create “copy and concepts for Hallmark products and services.” You must have a bachelor’s degree or three years of writing experience.

Writing & Editorial Intern: This paid summer internship sounds like an awesome opportunity. You’ll “collaborate with writers and editors using their skills to craft messages for a variety of Greeting Card product lines.”

Next, I checked American Greetings, but it didn’t list any open writing positions. Neither did Someecards, my favorite ecards site.

BUT, I didn’t stop there…

Blue Mountain Arts is looking for poetry for its greeting cards, Designer Greetings needs a full-time copy editor/writer and Freelance Writing Jobs has an updated list of greeting card companies looking for submissions.

Just starting out in your freelance writing career? These posts might help:

Good luck, and get those sappy sayings ready!

Your Turn: Would you write greeting cards for a living?

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