This Company Will Pay You to Share Your Internet History…

Image: Nielsen Digital Voice
Nielsen Digital Voice
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Raise your hand if you spend several hours of your day on the Internet.

Come on now, don’t be ashamed. We all do it. Oh, and connecting with your cell phone counts too… That means we’re all guilty.

But what if you could actually make money from all that time online? What if you could help your bank account grow while just, well, sitting there playing on the Internet?

Earn Money While Surfing the Web with Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice is a part of the much larger Nielsen company, the premier company for measuring media usage around the world. Nielsen’s job is to track what consumers are doing when watching TV or using the Internet.

The metrics they collect help improve the way we interact with media. And guess what? They need media consumers like you to help them collect the data. That’s where the money-making opportunity comes in.

First, head to the Digital Voice homepage. Then click “join” and fill out your information.

Image: Nielsen Digital Voice



You’ll be asked basic questions like your name, how many people you have in your household, how many computers you have in your household, as well as details about your mobile Internet usage. Everything is 100% confidential, so you don’t have to be bashful about admitting to playing Angry Birds at 2 a.m.

As long as you’re 18 or older and have a computer, you’re eligible to participate. Once you fill out the form, they’ll ask you to download a piece of software onto your computer. This is how Nielsen tracks your data usage. It’s really easy and only takes a few minutes to install, so even if you aren’t a tech-savvy Internet user, you should be able to do it without too much trouble.

The last step will look like this, and they’ll break down the whole process for you.

Image: Step 4


Once the software is loaded onto your computer, you’ll get a note that says “Congratulations!” You won’t even notice it running in the background as your surf the Web.

Why You Should Join Nielsen Digital Voice

So why bother? Because participating in Nielsen Digital Voice could mean big bucks in your pocket. When you sign up, you’ll be automatically entered to win money. The lowest prize is $25 and the top prize is $1,000, and you’ll be eligible to win every month (in fact, I’ve heard from a couple of readers this week that got $25 checks already). In total, they give away $10,000 to over 400 people monthly. No, this isn’t some sort of Internet scam, which is the benefit of working with a reputable company like Nielsen.

Not bad for just a few minutes of your time, right?

Your Turn: Have you ever used Nielsen Digital Voice? Have you or anyone you know won their sweepstakes?