Why Making $4K Selling Clothes Online Was Actually Terrible for This Woman

shopping addiction

We often talk about selling clothes online here at The Penny Hoarder.

It’s a great way to make some extra money, while also clearing clutter out of your closet. But could it go too far?

Could you get addicted to selling items — so much so you needed an intervention?

It happened to Christina Najjar.

Her “harmless side hustle” became an “all-consuming, money-losing disaster,” she wrote on Refinery 29.

Keep reading to learn more about the dark side of selling clothes online.

How She Made $4K… and Lost Control

Najjar’s habit started harmlessly enough.

Like many of us, she wanted to get rid of the extra items in her closet while also making a bit of side cash.

In six months on the platform, she earned over $4,000.

Besides the extra money, she thought selling her clothes would ease her self-proclaimed shopping addiction.

It actually made it worse.

“Making money on Poshmark gave me the illusion of having an easy out,” she explains. “Final sale online? No problem — if it doesn’t fit I can always resell it… I was high on selling — and in denial about how much money I was losing.”

When her roommates staged a “Poshtervention,” Najjar realized she had “gone too far” and pulled back the reins on her side hustle.

“This is simply a cautionary tale of one girl who couldn’t handle the full power of this app,” she writes. “Poshmark — like most everything else — is only validating, fun, and worthwhile… in moderation.”

Because we’re always encouraging you to find new ways to make money on the side, we thought Najjar’s story was worth sharing.

Before entering into a new side hustle, make sure it’s a healthy avenue for you — and that you’ll actually earn money!

Your Turn: Have you sold clothes on Poshmark?

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