Capitalize on Your Talents to Make More Money

Moo for Money
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Are you a creative person? Do you have any hidden talents? If so, there’s a way to make money from them.

Make Money from Your Talents

From the mainstream to the truly bizarre, talents and hobbies of all sorts can be income-generating options if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort to market your abilities. Imagine making money from something that you already love to do!

The Sound of Music

Are you someone who is musically inclined and can sing or play an instrument? If so, people will pay you (sometimes quite well) to teach them and/or their family members how to do what you’re passionate about. Music lessons come in all sorts of setups which include when people come into your home and when you go into theirs. You could also be hired by an adult learning or trade school in the area.

Get Crafty

By now you’ve probably heard of websites like Etsy that celebrate the homemade and handmade treasures of artists and crafters alike. If you love to paint, create, scrapbook, etc, why don’t you have your own Etsy shop or online merchant store? If you’re considering this option, don’t forget to factor in taxes and fees so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises down the road. That being said, if you’re willing to put in the effort to market your items/store, you could earn upwards of $3K/month.

Make Farm Animal Noises

Yep, you read that correctly–you can win hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars just by having the best Moo. If this sounds way too strange to you to be true, check out some of the county fairs happening around the country each summer. In particular, you can enter the Racine County Fair and moo til your heart’s content. The winning prize for the best moo? $1,000 and a cow printed jacket. Hee haw!

Knit Like the Breast of Them

Again, you read that correctly! Did you know that nursing facilities and hospitals will pay people to knit fake “breasts” for them? Used during a breastfeeding education course, the people creating these objects can earn hundreds by putting their knitting prowess to work.  Imagine your knitted wonders teaching women about one of the most important aspects of having a newborn child!

Make Art and More…Out of Duct Tape

Chances are you’ve met someone who once rocked a duct tape wallet. But what about shoes, clothes and jewelry made out of duct tape? That’s exactly what some artists are doing–and at a handsome profit. Considering that the average roll of duct tape costs a mere $2-3 dollars and these creations can fetch upwards of $100 or more, that’s an excellent return on your initial investment if you have the required skills and creativity.
Would you do any of these things to make more money?