Dribble Your Way to Extra Cash

If you’ve ever imagined yourself playing ball with the likes of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett and getting paid for it, being drafted into the NBA isn’t the only way you can make money from playing basketball. In fact, there are thousands of people who have found a way to bring in extra cash just by playing their favorite sport. Before you give up hope on your dream to make money by playing basketball, consider the following alternatives (some could end up being quite lucrative and many can be applied to other sports such as baseball and football).

Create How-To Videos

No matter what someone’s skill level is, their game can always benefit from learning new skills or just brushing up on the basics. Each day, thousands of NBA hopefuls are practicing in gyms and on playgrounds around the country. When they’re not playing the game, they might be reading about it or watching YouTube videos to learn new practice drills, etc.

You can cash in on this love of basketball by creating your own series of how-to videos. The content can include things such as basic skills for beginners and can range through more difficult stunts and plays that experienced players would benefit from so you can appeal to the broadest possible audience. Once you’ve created your videos, you can upload them to your own YouTube station, license them for basketball camps, or even sell them directly to coaches and teams.

Combine Your Skills from the Court with Your Writing Skills

If video production doesn’t suit your creative interests, consider writing an e-book that illustrates the same kinds of drills and skills that videos could feature. Your e-book can be listed on your blog or website, sold on Amazon, or even turned into a print version for mass distribution if you’re able to tap into this niche of sports writing.

Become a Coach or Team Support

If you’re looking to physically get back on the court, you could become a basketball coach. Due to the level of competition for (and expertise needed to be successful in) a coach’s role, you might want to begin small by targeting local high school, youth groups, or summer camps. If you’re not interested in coaching, you could secure other team support positions. Build your resume and your network and you could someday find yourself on the court of your favorite NBA team!

Create Your Own Youth Camp

Whether it’s a summer camp, a weekend camp held via tournament, or an ongoing after-school camp for students, creating your own basketball camp is a great way to still be involved with basketball and bring home some extra cash. Market your camp to local schools, youth organizations,, and non-profits. Partner with schools to create a camp that will serve as an after-school activity. Whatever you decide to do, realize that starting a basketball camp is a great way for you to instill your love of the game in other people.