Earn Rewards for Doing Good Deeds

What if there was a website that would reward you for all of the good deeds you do each day? If you’re the type of person who appreciates the positive things in life, DailyFeats is a website you’ll want to check out.

What is DailyFeats?

DailyFeats is the first website and mobile app that pays you to do good things. With each new task you log or check off, you’ll receive points for doing that “good” thing for the day. Points vary but all can be banked towards gift cards from a variety of retail and online shops. Did you hug someone today? You get points for that. Did you smile at a stranger on the sidewalk? You can earn points for that, too! Everything from the mundane tasks that help our health (flossing) to the life-changing ones that help others (helping someone in need)–it all earns you points.

As stated by the site, online and completely free at www.dailyfeats.com, DailyFeats helps you do good things and share your accomplishments. It’ll guide you in doing small but significant actions, or “feats,” that add up to big positive change in the world, all while you earn points you can use to treat yourself to real-life rewards, motivating you to go do good – every day.

How Does it Work?

After you register your profile on the site, anytime you complete a positive, meaningful action, you can visit the site or mobile app to log your feat (you can also opt to not create an account if you connect directly via your Facebook account). With each new feat recorded,  you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and discounts for places that are in your backyard as well as national brands.

The Social Side of DailyFeats

Aside from encouraging people to do good things for themselves and others, DailyFeats also has a huge social component in that you can cheer on the efforts of others around you. See something you like that someone else did? You can show your appreciation–and be rewarded with more points!

Making it Work for You

As any start-up does, DailyFeats has experienced some growing pains in terms of slow site response times and increased milestones for rewards. If you’re interested in earning points, don’t be discouraged by the various levels you need to reach before you’re rewarded. Remember that if you’re already using your smartphone or laptop daily, an extra minute or two spent logging your good deeds can mean free gift cards and huge discounts for very little effort!


Good Luck, Penny Hoarders!