Need a Side Hustle? Deliver Convenience-Store Necessities for goPuff

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For one reason or another, like most of you, I am always looking for ways to make more cash. A lot of my friends drive for ride share companies like Lyft or Uber, but my anxiety wouldn’t let me and that was a problem; I was paranoid someone would hit me and I would end up in a Bermuda Triangle of Insurance Nightmares.

Then I found goPuff, and now I bring joy to people at all times of the day — or, at the very least, Cool Ranch Doritos.


goPuff was created by two (genius) Drexel University students who wanted convenience store items delivered to them. Previous delivery companies like Postmates required the driver go to a store or restaurant to grab requested items, then truck the items on out to way across town — sometimes resulting in defrosted ice cream and a disappointed customer.

goPuff instead has warehouses full of goodies ready for customers to order. They offer a 30-minute delivery guarantee, 24 hours a day. The service is now in 24 cities, with more coming quickly. Items in stock can include convenience store items, frozen food, household items, vape supplies, sex toys, electronics and pet supplies. Oh! And beer, glorious beer!

Here’s how it works: you download the goPuff app and select what you would like delivered. Need tampons, ice cream, a stapler and vape juice at 3am? Done! A worker packs your order and a dispatcher assigns it in a bin. Keep in mind, you may be able to score some first time discounts using goPuff coupons.

Driving For goPuff

As a driver, I’m in the office waiting (but never more than a few minutes) for my name to be called. Hearing “Nicole! Bin 3, 4 bags” means I have four deliveries to make and that the bags are located in Bin 3. My phone connects to the goPuff website and the customer’s account, which lists what bag goes where. I plug that address into Google Maps and off I go!

I give a quick call to my customer when I arrive, and they come out to sign for the delivery on my phone. Then I’m back in the car jamming to some old school Madonna on my way to my next delivery.

goPuff only delivers within a half hour of their warehouse. My orders are grouped in one area of that radius, so I’m not required to burn gas all over tarnation. Usually, if the company is super busy, they will just run the orders right out to you, so you don’t even have to leave the car!

The shifts are pretty great, as well. Want to work eight hours? Want to work a quick four-hour shift? Want to work early morning or stay up late at night? Want to work two shifts a week? Or every day? All of those options are possible. I’ve actually gotten phone calls from the office asking if I would want to work that night or any upcoming shifts, so the money is there.

You Could Be Getting The Money Now

For just walking in the door, you make up to $30 in your “bank”.

The “bank” is guaranteed money you get for showing up for your shift. The longer your shift, the bigger the “bank” is, and it tops out at about $35. Then you get a few dollars per delivery, depending on what zone it is in (the further you go, the more you make).

There is an option to tip the driver in the app, which a lot of people do. In one night, I have made up to $35 just in credit card tips. Credit card tips get rolled into your money at the end of your shift and then into your weekly pay. Customers also have the option to tip in cash.

At the end of the shift, a manager cashes you out. They sit with you to count all your deliveries in each zone. They will add your bank and your credit card tips in a spreadsheet that gives you the grand total. The money you earn is directly deposited in your bank account every Tuesday.

The payment process is incredibly transparent and you can always ask questions if things aren’t clear.

More-or-less, delivering for goPuff breaks down to around $10 to $12 and hour, which isn’t bad for just driving around, listening to the radio and dropping stuff off. Plus, you get to develop your in-car singing voice! It’s an all around win.

Nicole Yates is a stand-up comic and writer who is forever looking to make enough money to eat lunch at Taco Bell. Hit her up on twitter at @yatesy75 with suggestions.