Bling Bling: Here’s How to Start a Side Gig With Your Jewelry Obsession

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Do friends come to you for fashion advice?

Are you a creative individual with an innate sense of style?

Would you like to be your own boss?

If you’re looking to incorporate your passion for fashion into a home-based business, you may be the perfect candidate for one of these money-making ideas for jewelry lovers.

1. Open an Etsy Store

Don’t worry; you don’t need a big startup budget or tech background to set up an e-commerce website, just head on over to Etsy.

If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace for creatives to sell handmade and vintage items. If you’re good at making jewelry, this is where you put in on the market.

Opening a shop is simple and affordable. Just fill out the required profile information, upload some images of your handmade jewelry creations, along with a short description and price, and you’re up and running.

Etsy charges 20 cents for each active listing, which stay active on the website for four months, or until the item sells. When your product sells, Etsy will deduct a 3.5% transaction fee, and 3% plus 25 cent payment processing fee.

To stand out and earn more money with Etsy, you’ll want to be sure to fill out your store profile completely, take high-quality photos, create compelling sales copy, and market your products consistently.

One mom who’s had crazy success with selling accessories on Etsy is Alicia Shaffer. She started out as a one-woman shop in 2011, and from there quickly grew her storefront into a six-figure business! You can read Alicia’s amazing story and tips here.

2. Teach a Jewelry-Making Class on Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning portal where creatives, professionals, and experts can share their knowledge online via video classes.

There is no fee to get started, and Skillshare has a step-by-step guide to help you plan, produce, publish, and promote your tutorials.

Skillshare is a membership site, so instructors earn revenue through a royalty system (the number of minutes watched every month) and referrals (receive $10 for every student you refer to Skillshare that signs up for a Premium Membership).

Payments are distributed monthly via PayPal. The Skillshare website claims that top teachers earn over $40,000 a year.

3. Become a Stylist with a Direct Sales Opportunity

Do your friends always ask you for fashion advice? Are you an outgoing person who takes initiative? Then consider becoming a personal stylist through a direct selling opportunity.

The direct sales industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 15 years, now offering a wide variety of opportunities in a vast number of niches.

For a startup fee, you’ll receive a startup kit that contains sample products, marketing materials and training. For each item you sell, you’ll earn a commission. Sound appealing?

Here are a few companies to check out:

  • Chloe + Isabel
  • Initial Outfitters
  • Stella & Dot

Like anything else, to be successful in the direct sales arena, you need to work hard and expand your network beyond your family and friends.

One woman who’s found success with the direct sales model is Gina Lukas. She wanted to make a career switch when she came across Chloe + Isabel and decided to give it a go. Today, Gina earns over $4,000 a month selling jewelry. You can read her story and direct selling tips here.

4. Become a Jewelry Blogger

Setting up a blog is relatively simple and low cost, but it can take some time to build up traffic and grow your social media followings.

So if you need money ASAP, blogging is not the way to go. But if you’re willing to put in the work, and patiently build your network, it can be a great option.

One jewelry blogger who is earning money with her blog and social media profiles is Danielle Miele. Danielle’s love of jewelry started when she was just four years old.

As a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America, Danielle brings a unique perspective to her jewelry-loving readers. Danielle has been blogging since 2008 and currently has more than 171,000 Instagram followers.

5. Flipping Jewelry on eBay

To get started flipping jewelry on eBay, create an account, snap some high-quality images of your flea market and garage sales finds, add a detailed description, and then publish your sales listing.

With eBay, you’re allowed up to 50 free listings per month. Once the item sells, eBay takes a 10% final cut fee.

Of course, to be successful flipping jewelry on eBay, you’ll need to educate yourself on vintage and antique jewelry, best eBay practices, and marketing strategies. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, here are some useful tips for successfully selling on the popular platform.

Watch Out For Assembly Kit Scams

While there are many viable ways to earn money with your love of jewelry, you should stay away from assembly kit scams.

Product assembly jobs require you to pay an up-front fee for a box of supplies and instructions so you can make handcrafted jewelry items from home. Once you complete the jewelry creations, you either send them back to the company for a profit, or you try to sell them on your own.

But here’s the kicker: These items are challenging to put together and most often will not meet the company’s quality standards. So if your pieces are rejected, you earn zero money, and you’re out the cost of the kit.

So, what is the best way for jewelry lovers to make money? That’s up to you to decide.  Start by exploring each of these options and diving into the one that best suits your talents.

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