Is Blurring Out Private Parts on “Naked and Afraid” the Weirdest Job Ever?

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I’m not proud to admit it, but I’ve definitely caught myself watching “Naked and Afraid” before.

The premise is just so absurd: Let’s drop two strangers in the middle of the wilderness and see if they can survive for three weeks. Oh, and also, let’s not have them wear any clothes.


Without diving into the details of how and why this is a thing — which could take a while — let’s just address a question most “Naked and Afraid” fans probably haven’t considered before.

How do all those private parts get blurred?

The answer: a team of five people at the Discovery Channel.

They call themselves “The Blur Man Group,” and they may have the weirdest job in Hollywood.

The People Who Get Paid to Blur Out Naked Bodies

“Just a few years ago, these designers were having a difficult time finding regular work,” reports The New York Times.

Everything changed when they were hired as blur artists — now they spend their days looking at naked bodies.

“If I meet somebody and explain what I do, there’s sort of a sense of disbelief at first,” says Joey Bigio, lead graphic artist, in a video for Playboy.

“Like, ‘There’s no way you blur naked people for a living.’”

But they do.

According to Glassdoor reports, the pay isn’t bad either: At Discovery Communications, wages range from $35.37 an hour for graphic design contractors to $88,777 a year for senior graphic designers.

Members of the group are quick to note the job isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

“They pay us to stare at naked people all day,” says Bigio. “But these people are out there for 21 days — they don’t shower.

“It’s not very salacious; it’s dirty, it’s gross. You know, you’re looking at parts that have been exposed to the elements for weeks at a time.”

And not everyone can handle it. About 15 people have started — and quit — the job over the past few years.

“One person didn’t last very long, maybe two weeks tops,” Shaun O’Steen, the team leader, told the Times. “He said, ‘I just can’t.’”

Are you interested in this unusual job?

The company’s career page didn’t have any graphic design openings, but it did list a motion graphic design and animation internship. Interns earn $8.75-$9.21 an hour, according to Glassdoor.

If you want something a little less nutty (and a little better-paying), we’re hiring graphic design interns, too!

Your Turn: Do you think you could do this weird job?

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