15 Fantastic Podcasts That Will Help You Make More Money

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No one likes to waste time, and we all want to make more money. Instead of listening to music the next time you’re jogging on the treadmill or sitting in traffic during a long commute to work, use that time productively to find ways to bring in more cash.

How? By listening to podcasts dedicated to the tools, tips and tricks of making money!

When I was in the process of paying down $14,000 of debt so I could quit my full-time job to work for myself, I turned to podcasts for motivation and ideas along the way. My commute home each afternoon was actually my favorite time of day because I could catch up on podcast episodes.

Here are some of the podcasts that helped me reach my financial goals. Ready to use them to start earning more money?

1. Side Hustle Nation

Side hustles, or work you do in addition to your regular day job, are a great way to boost your income and indulge in a more creative outlet.

Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation podcast features interviews with other go-getters who make money writing Amazon best-sellers, doing $5 gigs on Fiverr, and starting freelance businesses. Some of the more unusual interviews include someone who turned an apartment into a business that earns $60,000 a year; another guest who brings in six figures a year selling custom T-shirts; and someone else who makes money from a podcast.

Loper releases one new episode each week on his blog and on iTunes.

2.The Productivity Show

Don’t think you have enough time to make more money? Think again!

We all know the importance of being more productive and working smarter, not harder. The team at Asian Efficiency created this podcast to explore tips and tricks you can use to make more money in less time.

Every Monday, you’ll see a new episodes on the blog and on iTunes.

3. Smart Passive Income

Think making money online is impossible for anyone but the big names? Pat Flynn, the podcaster behind Smart Passive Income, explores real life case studies and documents his own success to help demonstrate how to bring in money from a blog or other online venture.

Flynn doesn’t lay out his exact revenue and expenses in the podcast like he does on his blog, but he does feature guests who share their best money-making ideas and tips. Get new episodes every week via his blog or on iTunes.

4. The TreeHouse Show

Make more money by learning how to code, do web design, develop apps or create other projects with The TreeHouse Show.

Each episode covers a different topic related to being a developer, designer or coder. Aside from dissecting technical terms, the show also features industry news, as well as the best resources for things like fonts, website themes, plugins and other useful tools for developers. New episodes are released to iTunes (in both video and audio format) every Tuesday.

5. Profit First Podcast

Based on his popular book Profit First, author Mike Michalowicz’s podcast features interviews with other entrepreneurs on topics like maximizing your profits, management tools, taxes and productivity tips so you can learn to increase your bottom line.

Look for new episodes every Monday morning on his website as well as on iTunes.

6. So Money With Farnoosh Torabi

Creating more income is part of getting the most out of life, according to award-winning financial correspondent Farnoosh Torabi.

She shares candid interviews with authors and entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Danielle LaPorte on topics like negotiating a higher salary, creating income streams through investments, and launching new freelance ventures. You’ll find new episodes each week on her website and iTunes.

7. Tropical MBA

Ready to quit your job and embrace a location-independent lifestyle? Business partners Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen explain how to market the skills you already have and turn them into money-making businesses.

Topics include making money with blogging, changing your mindset to bring in six figures and how to live in a resort for free for six months. New episodes are released every Thursday morning via iTunes and their website.

8. High-Income Business Writing

Diving into the world of business writing can be a lucrative venture. Ed Gandia shares his story of working in the corporate sales space and starting his own writing business on the side. After a lot of success, he quit his full-time job and now makes a living from writing, including co-authoring the book The Wealthy Freelancer, which is a top-50 Amazon bestseller.

Gandia’s podcast features case studies from his own experiences as well as stories from other people who are making a living as writers and landing well-paying client work. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or check the website for a new episode every other Thursday.

9. Etsy Conversations

Although Etsy doesn’t have an official podcast, they do recommend Etsy Conversations as one of the top podcasts for crafty business owners.

Host Ijeoma Eleazu highlights successful store owners and explores the logistics of being an ecommerce seller. She covers topics like selling at wholesale, working with distributors, drop-shipping and running an online store that sells hand-crafted items.

New episodes are available every Wednesday on her site as well as on iTunes.

10. Unmistakable Creative

Featuring interviews with artists, entrepreneurs and business owners, Srinivas Rao’s Unmistakable Creative podcast will give you loads of ideas for making a living from your craft. These “candid conversations with creatives” include interviews with Steal Like an Artist author Austin Kleon and artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon.

Some of Rao’s recent episodes even dive into topics like the history of money and how to turn obstacles into opportunities. There’s a new episode each week on the website and iTunes.

11. The Career Catalyst

Want to increase your salary and land your dream job? This is the podcast for you.

Hosted by executive coach E. Scott Aronow, each episode features an industry expert, author or executive who shares insider tips on getting a high-paying salary. Aronow’s goal is to provide strategies and tips for entrepreneurs to create fulfilling businesses and careers. Most recent episodes include topics like how to land the perfect job, how to conduct a winning job search, and even how to survive a layoff.

You can listen to the show live each Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. EST or browse through the archives on the website.

12. The Fizzle Show

Starting a business is smart way to express your creativity and have more freedom in your life. The Fizzle Show caters to creative entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make a living doing something they enjoy.

With episodes based around self-employment and interviews with successful entrepreneurs, you’ll have no problem finding money-making strategies and business ideas. You’ll see new episodes several times a month on the website or on iTunes.

13. Create My Independence

Making more money means having more freedom and independence to do what you like. Kraig dives into topics like how to pay off all your debt, how to build multiple income streams, how to grow your net worth to over $100,000 (based on his own success of reaching $100,000 net worth and quitting his full-time job), and whether owning a business is right for you.

Several times a month, you’ll find new episodes on his blog and on iTunes.

14. LeadPages Podcast

Although LeadPages is a website landing page tool, their weekly show features interviews with experts about increasing sales, making money from digital products and turning leads into full-time opportunities.

LeadPages conversion educator Tim Paige hosts the podcast as well as many of the company’s free monthly webinars. Every Monday, you’ll see a new episode available in iTunes and on the company’s website.

15. Harvard Business Ideacast

Professors, experts and CEOs share industry news, tips for building a solid business and ideas for increasing your bottom line with host Sarah Green. Some of the most popular episodes include an interview with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, a discussion of negotiation skills and a conversation about being proactive versus reactive with your career.

Find new episodes on iTunes every Thursday.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite money-making podcast? How have you applied its lessons to your own life and career?

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Carrie Smith (@carefulcents) is a writer and business consultant for freelancers and entrepreneurs. In 2013, she quit her accounting job to pursue full-time writing and blogging.