How to Earn $570 While Partying on Spring Break

Spring break ways to make money
Peter Dedina under Creative Commons

Spring break is almost here! If you’re like many college students, you’re looking forward to shedding the stress of midterms (and the frigid temperatures of winter) by heading to the beach.

But with transportation, food, lodging — and of course, partying — the costs of spring break can add up rather quickly.

What’s a broke college student to do? Turn on your inner entrepreneur. Spring break destinations have huge numbers of students in a small area; use that to your advantage and earn some extra cash to fund your fun.

Here are some easy ways to earn more than $500 during spring break — and still have time to enjoy yourself!

1. Print and Sell T-shirts

Everybody wants to remember the fun they had on spring break (even if the details are a bit fuzzy). Sure, you can buy generic T-shirts from the souvenir shop — but wouldn’t you rather have something that’s personalized?

If a large group from your college is going to a particular destination, design and print shirts to sell beforehand or bring with you. Include a funny phrase, your university’s name, school colors, the destination and year (ie: “This T-shirt is all I have left of my dignity from University of Michigan spring break; Cancun 2015).

To make it easier, create a campaign on Teespring; that way, you don’t have to worry about production or distribution.

Potential earnings: 20 shirts x $5 profit = $100

2. Try Busking

Got skills? Give busking a shot. When people are partying and having a good time, they’re more likely to drop money into a hat.

Everyone has something they’re good at: you can sing, dance, dress in a funny costume, paint caricatures or read palms. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. (Not to mention, this is a great way to make new friends!)

Don’t spend your entire spring break on the corner, though; give it a shot for an afternoon, and then use your earnings to fund a night out on the town.

Potential earnings: $30/hour x 3 hours = $90

3. Enter Contests

From wet T-shirt contests to dance-offs to costume parties, contests abound in spring break towns. And with contests come prizes.

On the day you arrive, visit local bars and ask if they have any contests coming up. Figure out which ones you have the best shot at winning, and be sure to hit up that bar on that night.

The upside? Even if you don’t win, you’ll still have a great time!

Potential earnings: $100

4. Be a Flyer Girl/Guy for Local Bars

Are you outgoing and chatty? Then this is the perfect job for you. Every bar wants young, in-the-know people to get their peers in the door.

While you’re visiting local bars to ask about contests, also mention that you’d make a great promo guy or gal. Hopefully one of them will pay you to spend an afternoon handing out flyers or drink coupons and encouraging people to go to their bar.

Potential earnings: $20/hour x 3 hours = $60

5. Host a Speed-Dating Event

Most people want to meet a special someone (or multiple special someones) on spring break — but some are too shy. Make things easier by hosting an informal speed dating event. Pick a time and place, then spread the word.

Charge each person a set fee to sign up (be sure to get the money ahead of time), print and photocopy some score cards, and you’re good to go. At the event, all you have to do is set people up across from each other, then remind them to rotate every five minutes. Simple and fun!

Potential earnings: 12 people x $10 = $120

6. Teach Group Classes

Are you a surfer? A yogi? A great skier? Whatever it is, teach it!

Professional classes or lessons are too expensive for most college students, so offer classes at a discounted rate. Even if you don’t have a particular skill to share, you can teach a fun group fitness class where people can work off some booze calories.

Potential earnings: 10 people x $5 = $50

7. Be a Designated Driver

Want to take a night off from drinking? It’s not only good for your liver, it’s also good for your wallet. If you have your own car, you can officially register as an Uber or Lyft driver.

If you’re in a destination with a rental car, simply tell your friends and classmates you’re DD-ing for donations. Put a clearly-marked tip jar in the center console, and your drunk friends will hopefully stuff it with cash. Just be safe — only drive people you already know.

Potential earnings: 5 rides x $10 = $50

With these ideas, you’re bound to earn some money on spring break. Don’t spend your whole time working, however; remember that your most important priorities are to be safe and have fun!

Your Turn: Where are you going on spring break this year? Do you plan to make money while there?