A Dream Job for Canadians: Get Paid $20,000 to Go Camping All Summer

Woods Dream Job
Nick Bramhall under Creative Commons

Are you a Canadian who loves camping and traveling? Want to get paid to do it? Then Woods has a dream job for you.

The outdoor gear company is hiring two “Woods Explorers” to wander through Canada’s backcountry this summer — and they’re going to pay them $20,000 each. This job is basically the Canadian equivalent of Backpacker Magazine’s Best Job Ever.

If you’re selected for the position, the Trans Canada Trail will be your playground and office for five months this summer. The Trans Canada Trail includes 17,000 km (about 10,500 miles) of diverse trails running from Vancouver Island to the top of the Northwest Territories to Newfoundland, though when trail work is complete in July 2017, the entire trail will stretch 24,000 km (about 14,900 miles) from coast to coast to coast. Who wouldn’t want to spend a summer wandering across an entire country’s wild spaces?

During your summer of adventure, you will spend time at key locations and landmarks along the way. Of course, it’s not a holiday. As an explorer, you’ll be expected to be able to convey your experiences to a wide audience through photos, videos and written content.

Since Woods is hiring two people to fill the role, you’re welcome to apply as part of a pair or as an individual. You’ll travel with your co-explorer and work as a team, so you might prefer to apply with a partner or friend.

Job Details

Once selected, you will spend five months traveling along the Trans Canada Trail with your co-explorer, setting off on May 12 and wrapping up on September 30. Expect to work six days a week, as Woods wants to squeeze as many adventures into the short summer season as possible. You’ll do quite a bit of driving, and likely even some flying to reach far-flung destinations.

Before hitting the road, you will attend a week-long training program where you’ll learn about the Woods brand and products, as well as be outfitted with an entire wardrobe of branded clothing to wear during the adventure.

Of course, it’s not all play. You must share your trip with the world, creating videos, taking photos and writing journal entries along the way. Since you’ll be a Woods ambassador, you should be able to represent the brand well and portray positive energy, share gear tips and tricks with consumers, and provide product feedback to the company. Expect a few administrative tasks as well, such as tracking expenses and reporting them promptly.

Yes, You Actually Get Paid to Go Camping

Plenty of people would be more than happy to simply take this trip of a lifetime as compensation. But there’s more. In return for your five-month gig, you’ll receive a $20,000 salary and a potential $2,000 bonus after successful completion of the project.

In addition, the company will pay all travel costs, including transportation, accommodations and a $300 per diem for each person per week for food and miscellaneous expenses. Of course, you’ll also receive plenty of branded apparel.

Requirements and Qualifications

Woods is seeking people with a thirst for adventure who enjoy exploring the outdoors in all weather conditions. You should be comfortable with a variety of outdoor skills, including hiking, climbing, paddling, portaging and swimming, but advanced-level skills are not required. The company may provide guides for some of the more technical activities.

As an explorer, you will plan and research your trip, connect with local experts along the way and create content that people will want to share. In addition, Woods wants people who will be good representatives and ambassadors for their brand. You should have a deep respect for the natural environment and be comfortable with being “isolated in the great outdoors for a few weeks at a time.”

Savvy social media users are encouraged to apply, and media or public relations experience is a definite asset. Being able to communicate in more than one language is also a desired asset, so make sure to highlight it in your application. You have to be at least 18 years old to apply, and you must be a Canadian resident.

You should be comfortable and excited about creating and sharing quality content, including writing, photos and videos. And, of course, you should be personable and able to get along with others quite well, since you’ll be spending five months in a tent with your new co-explorer.

How to Apply

Create and submit a 60-second video telling the company why you’re the best candidate, plus your resume, through Woods’ website by April 17. You can also include up to five photos as well as a short paragraph detailing why they should pick you, and since both photography and writing are key aspects of the job, you’d be wise to take the time to add these pieces to your application.

Once the company reviews all applications, they’ll hold interviews live or via video conference. If you can’t afford to travel for an interview, don’t worry. Woods will pay up to $1,500 of your expenses to attend the second round of interviews if you’re invited.

Your Turn: Are you going to apply to be an explorer? Would you want this kind of job?

Kristen Pope is a freelance writer and editor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.