I Just Got a Free $10 Walmart Gift Card (No Surveys or Gimmicks Involved!)

Mike Mozart under Creative Commons
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I shop at Walmart almost every week.

I buy everything from groceries to toilet paper, since I love getting everything at one store and at great prices.

So a Walmart gift card is one thing I know I’ll use.

If you feel the same way, listen up…

Because I just found an easy way to get a $10 Walmart gift card for FREE.

How to Get a Free $10 Walmart Gift Card

It’s part of a new-member promotion for shopping site TopCashback.

Like other cash-back sites, TopCashback earns you money when you shop at one of its 4,000 partner retailers.

But unlike other cash-back sites, it doesn’t take a cut for itself. It relies instead on advertising to make its money — which means it guarantees the highest cash-back percentages around.

It also has two other unique features: no minimum pay-out threshold, and the ability to cash out as often as you want.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Well right now, TopCashback is offering a deal too good to pass up: a FREE $10 Walmart gift card just for signing up.

Here’s how to grab yours…

1. Click here to sign up for your free TopCashback account. Note this offer is valid for new members only.

2. After signing up, you’ll be redirected to a page that says “Free $10 Walmart Gift Card.” Click the “Get Cashback” button.

3. Once redirected to the Walmart homepage, add a $10 gift card to your cart. Make sure it’s the only item in your cart, or you won’t receive the proper credit.

4. Check out and pay as normal.

5. Within 14 days, you’ll see a $10 credit in your TopCashback account. You can immediately request your cash via Paypal or a bank transfer. Or, request an American Express rewards card or Amazon gift card — you’ll get an additional 3% cash back!

How easy is that?

Even better, you can have more than one account per household — so your spouse or roommate can sign up, too!

This offer runs until May 12 at 11:59 p.m. PST — so hurry up!

Click here to sign up for TopCashback and get your free Walmart gift card today!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite cash-back site?

Sponsorship Disclosure: A huge thanks to TopCashback for working with us to bring you this content. It’s rare that we have the opportunity to share something so awesome and get paid for it!

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