This Tech Support Job With Vimeo Lets You Work From Home (and Has Benefits)

Work from home

Online videos come in all sorts of flavors.

And in a world of hugging dogs and beauty tutorials, Vimeo is where the artsy kids go to hang out.

I mean, this video alone takes my breath away. Every single time. (R.I.P. JP.)

Agree with me? Got some tech skills and want to rep Vimeo — from a couch, a beach or a coffee shop?

Then I’ve got the work-from-home job for you…

How to Land a Work-From-Home Job with Vimeo

So, you won’t be working for Vimeo exactly; instead you’ll be contracted by a company called The Yeomen.

The what?

The Yeomen: “a community of support experts” who staff help desks “that don’t just resolve problems, but also foster brand loyalty and growth.”

The Yeomen partners with companies to staff their support desks — and right now it has openings on its Vimeo team.

In this role, you’ll assist Vimeo customers by providing tech support, troubleshooting playback issues and answering questions.

You must have previous experience with technical support, as well as “amazing written English communication skills,” “excellent attention to detail” and “great people skills.”

Bonus points if you’re really into gifs, memes and emoticons. 🙂

You can work from anywhere with Wi-Fi and will be eligible for health, dental and vision insurance, a 401(k) plan and a new MacBook. No word on the pay other than it’s “competitive” for the industry.

Want to join The Yeomen? Click here to apply.

If you get the job — and find out the story behind the company’s name — be sure to let me know.

And if you’d like to see more opportunities like this, check out The Penny Hoarder Jobs Facebook page!

Your Turn: Are you addicted to videos? Will you apply to this job?

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