This New Site Will Help You Find Your Calling Before You Graduate High School

what to be when you grow up
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As a high school or early college student, it’s tough to figure out what you’re going to do with the rest of your life.

Not only is it annoying — because everyone keeps asking — it’s important. College is a big investment, so you don’t want to end up with loans for a degree you never use.

Knowing what career you want to pursue can help you determine whether you need to go to college — and if you do, where you should go and what you should study.

How to Figure Out What You Want to Be When You Grow Up

If you’re stumped, you’re not alone: 24% of high school seniors have “no idea” what career they want to pursue, according to a recent CareerBuilder study.

Of those who do know, 23% said they made their choice based on “something they saw in TV or in a movie.”

Choosing a career because it looked cool in a movie? Definitely not something we’d advise.

Instead, check out a site called Find Your Calling, released by CareerBuilder. It’s a unique resource that combines a personality test with up-to-date career information and real-time labor market data.

We haven’t seen anything like it before, so we think all young Penny Hoarders (and their parents) should know about it.

After answering a simple six-question personality test, the platform populates with relevant jobs, which you further narrow by state and career category.

What makes the site particularly useful is the fact that each job is accompanied by hard data: average salary, projected growth, required education and daily tasks.

We love that Find Your Calling presents all of this information in one clean and appealing interface. Though we’re bummed it wasn’t around when we were in high school, we hope it helps some of you (or your kids!) make smart choices about your education and career.

Your Turn: Do you know what career you want to pursue? Do you think this site will help?

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