This Survey Says More People are Putting Careers Before Other Life Goals

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Would you put off an expensive, long-term life goal so you can earn and save enough money to support it?

Or would you pursue it as soon as possible, then hope you earn enough to support it along the way?

That’s the choice faced by 83% of women and 79% of men over the age of 25 who plan to have children, according to a new CareerBuilder survey.

Respondents say they’re waiting to start a family until they can afford it.

  • 15% of women say they’re holding off until they’re at least 35, and 63% are waiting until they’re at least 30.
  • 30% of men are waiting until they’re at least 35, and 64% are holding off until they’re at least 30.

That’s a long time to wait before pursuing a life goal.

But many people don’t have much of a choice because kids are expensive.

Perception of Pay Inequality is a Big Reason For Postponing Goals

“Despite similar reasons for postponing family plans, men and women differ widely on how much they expect to earn and at what level of position over their careers,” explains CareerBuilder’s chief human resources officer Rosemary Haefner.

The survey found men are more likely to expect to earn mid six-figure salaries during their careers.

Most women, on the other hand, expect they’ll cap out at about $79,000 during their own careers.

“Today a third of women (34%) do not think they earn the same pay as the opposite sex in their organization who have similar experience and qualifications,” say CareerBuilder researchers.

“Men are not as convinced about the wage gap; 82% say they earn the same pay.”

Empower Yourself to Reach Your Long-Term Goals

While the gender wage gap is closing, there’s still a ways to go.

In the meantime, we don’t usually have a lot of control over the amount of money our jobs pay or whether we’re paid equal to our colleagues.

Whether you want to start a family, buy a house or assemble a team of winning sled dogs, look for ways to empower yourself to reach your goals.

Your turn: How are your empowering yourself to reach your long-term goals?

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