Brandless Has Launched Even More Clean Beauty Products — For Just $3

What’s better than the new wave of “clean,” natural beauty products we’re seeing in stores these days?

Clean, natural beauty products that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Which is why it’s pretty exciting that a new line of inexpensive, clean products (free of harmful chemicals and dyes and never tested on animals) has hit the market.

Earlier this week, Brandless, an online retailer that offers all its goods for just $3 apiece, released a new selection of beauty products — and it’s definitely something clean-beauty enthusiasts will want to check out.

The Brandless Brand’s Nonbranded Brand

Last summer, the brand called Brandless (uh yeah, there’s a lot to unpack there) made its big debut on both the online-only and fixed, low-price retail scenes.

The schtick?

A collection of “nameless,” logoless grocery, household and personal items in an online store where everything — yes, everything — costs $3.

Reactions to the new brand (er, nonbrand?) on the block were mixed. Some people really liked the idea of a company that cared more about their budget than flashy packaging, but others (even here in our very own Penny Hoarder HQ) were quick to point out that Brandless is just another brand competing with all the other brands already on the market.

And it’s true: While it’s nice that you could get a great deal on one product by shopping Brandless’ virtual shelves, you might end up overpaying for another product you could be getting for less at your local grocer.

Still, the new line of clean beauty products does seem like a pretty sweet deal.

Inexpensive, Clean Beauty From Brandless

When Brandless launched in July 2017, the company voiced a commitment to using only high-quality, healthy ingredients — while still keeping prices low.

“At Brandless, we believe in transparency around what we put in and on our bodies, and that better shouldn’t cost more,” a company representative told The Penny Hoarder in an email.

And that’s a pretty big commitment.

When it comes to the $14.8 billion (and growing) clean-beauty market, it’s easy to find organic, all-natural night creams and face scrubs that cost upward of $30, $60 or even $100.

Clean beauty products for $3 are almost unheard of.  

Still, the company promises its products are free of more than 400 common-yet-questionable ingredients and are formulated with the fewest ingredients required to make the product function.

Over the past year, the company has offered a selection of beauty and personal-care products — including lotions, shampoos and feminine-hygiene products — but is starting to bulk up its collection with beauty tools and facial-care products.

The newest product launch includes a facial toner, a scrub and a shea butter night cream free of parabens and phthalates.

The line also has an inexpensive collection of beauty tools, such as an eyelash curler and eyebrow tweezers. (For comparison’s sake, the slant-tip tweezers in my personal beauty bag at home cost $7.99 at my local beauty supply store.)

So really, even if you’re not interested in these products for their clean ingredients, the prices are still hard to beat. Even at drugstore prices, a similar (but “nonclean”) version of a grapefruit scrub costs closer to $5.

Plus, it sounds like there may be even more inexpensive, clean Brandless beauty options in the future.

“Customers have been asking for more clean beauty, so that absolutely has been a priority, since even before we launched,” the director of merchandising at Brandless, Jessica Glendenning, said in a blog post on the company’s site.

Grace Schweizer is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.