An Easy Trick for Saving 10% Every Time You Buy Gas

Cheap gas
Joe Goldberg under Creative Commons

Planning on heading to the beach this Labor Day? Or maybe you’re grabbing the kids for a camping trip or joining some friends for a weekend away?

Whatever your plans, it likely involves a road trip, which means you’re looking for ways to save big on gas.

EBay is offering some great deals in their Gift Card Storefront, including a Conoco card that will make fueling up for your next road trip 10% cheaper.

The $100 fuel card is now on sale for just $90. That means you get $10 worth of free gas for every card you purchase.

Gas prices have been hovering in the $2.52-2.70 range nationwide over the last few weeks, according to Gas Buddy. With the average new car getting more than 24 miles per gallon, this $10 freebie will help you cover about 100 miles for free.

Just think where could that take you!

Use These Gift Cards to Get Cheap Gas and More

If you’re planning to drive to your favorite lake, park or family getaway for Labor Day weekend, you could grab this discount card in time for the holiday getaway. Keep in mind shipping typically takes about four days.

While we don’t know how long this cheap gas deal will last last, we’ll do our best to update this post when we hear the cards are gone.

And guess what! This great Conoco card deal isn’t the only discount card on sale.

Check out these other gift card savings available on the eBay Gift Card Storefront:

Looking for more ways to save on gas? We’ve got you covered.

Your Turn: What other hacks have you discovered for finding cheap gas?

Kristen Pope is a freelance writer and editor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.