Why Anyone Who Loves Good (but Cheap) Wine Needs to Join Sam’s Club ASAP

Cheap wine
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Your next wine Wednesday might involve a trip to Sam’s Club.

According to Fortune, Costco is currently the largest wine retailer in the country, but Sam’s Club wants a piece of that market share.

To do so, it’s launching its own house-brand wines this year.

Will it be enough to challenge Costco’s title?

What We Know About Sam’s Club’s New In-House Wines

Cheap wine is something that’s important to us here at The Penny Hoarder. We’ve reviewed the famous Two-Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s. We have zero shame in toasting to boxed wines. We even have some killer tips for finding the best wine under $15.

So, yes, we’re intrigued by Sam’s Club’s move into the wine world.

The wholesale club previously sold other brands of wine, but it recently introduced its first in-house wine, a chardonnay from California that rings in at just $8. It will add a cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley, a Champagne and a prosecco.

Dang. Talk about fancy at a not-so-fancy price. I dig it.

In-house wines are part of a reinvention of Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club’s store brand. Over the next two years, the revamp will bring 600 new premium products to shelves, such as handcrafted sea salt caramels, lasagna and U.S.-sourced honey, Sam’s Club announced April 19.

Looks like it’s almost time for us to do another wine taste test — in the name of science and journalism, of course. ?

Your Turn: What’s your favorite inexpensive wine?

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