5 Easter Bunny-Approved Treats You Can Make for Under $10

easter treats
The Peep bunnies are dipped in chocolate in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tina Russell / The Penny Hoarder

Easter is right around the corner, and boy don’t we know it.

I mean, since the morning after Valentine’s Day there’s been no escaping the constant onslaught of pastels and fuzzy baby animals.

And hey, far be it from me to hate on a holiday — I’ll take just about any excuse to celebrate.

My real problem is with stores that see holidays as an opportunity to overcharge for things that would usually be a fraction of the price. And one of the worst offenses? Easter candy. I’m supposed to pay extra just because the candy comes in a pink, bunny-covered bag?! Yeah, OK.

But what’s a serial over-celebrator (and budding Penny Hoarder) to do when she doesn’t want to pay extra for the candy that wasn’t even that great to begin with?

She makes treats at home, of course!

Instead of spending extra money on store-bought, pastel sugar bombs, I found five adorable (and seriously simple) Easter treats you can make for just a few dollars each.  

And if you want to forego the store-bought sweets altogether, make these recipes ahead of time, wrap a few individually with a fancy ribbon, and put them in your kid’s Easter basket!

Fruity Cereal Treat Easter Eggs

easter treats
The fruity cereal treats get sprinkles put on them in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tina Russell / The Penny Hoarder

This take on the classic Rice Krispies Treat comes with a colorful surprise, and it’s so simple to make!


8 ½ cups fruity cereal: $3.63

1 10 ½ -ounce package mini marshmallows: $1.12

¼ cup butter: 48 cents

1 12-ounce bag white chocolate morsels: $2.29

1 tablespoon coconut oil or shortening: 14 cents

Assorted sprinkles (about ½ ounce): $1.42

Total: $9.08

Cost per treat: 37 cents


First, follow this recipe to make the base of your treats. Once the treats are cool and hardened, use a cookie cutter or knife to cut out Easter egg shapes. (Alternatively, grease your hands well, and roll each treat into an egg shape while still warm.)

Then, melt one 12-ounce package of white chocolate morsels in the microwave in 30-second intervals until smooth. If the chocolate is too thick to coat a spoon easily, stir in a tablespoon of coconut oil or shortening.

Dip the treats in the chocolate (you may have to pop it back in the microwave once or twice to keep it smooth), and finish them with colorful sprinkles while the coating sets.

Bird’s Nest Cookies

The final result of the bird’s nest cookies on display in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tina Russell / The Penny Hoarder

These bring back some seriously sweet childhood memories — I don’t remember a single Easter going by without enjoying one (or two or five) of these tasty little cookies. And they only take about 10 minutes to make!


2 cups semisweet chocolate chips: $2.64

½  cup of peanut butter: 53 cents

1 12-ounce package chow mein noodles: $1.85

1 small bag candy eggs or jelly beans: $3.79

Total: $8.81

Cost per treat: 29 cents


Microwave the chocolate chips in 30-second intervals until smooth, being careful not to overheat. Add the peanut butter, and stir until melted together. Dump the bag of chow mein noodles into the melted chocolate and mix until fully coated.

Drop the mixture by the spoonful onto a waxed-paper-lined cookie sheet to create the “nests.” Then, press a dent in the middle of the “nest” with the back of a spoon (or just use your fingers — it’s your kitchen).

Pop a few candy eggs into each nest, and allow the chocolate to harden. (If you want the nests to harden faster, pop them in the fridge for a bit.)

Chocolate Easter Bark

The chocolate easter bark is broken into smaller pieces after it hardened in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tina Russell / The Penny Hoarder

This one actually makes a fun activity for kids. Supervise the melting and pouring of the chocolate, but let them go to town with the decorations!


1 24-ounce bag white chocolate morsels: $4.58

Assorted sprinkles (about ½ an ounce): $1.42

Total: $6

Cost per treat: 25 cents


Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Melt the chocolate in 30-second intervals in the microwave, stirring frequently.

Pour the melted chocolate onto the lined baking sheet and spread evenly.

Top with colorful sprinkles, and allow to harden before breaking into bite-size chunks.

Chocolate-Dipped Peep Bunnies

The final result of the chocolate-dipped Peep bunnies in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tina Russell / The Penny Hoarder

You can put these on a stick to make them “Peep pops,” or leave them as they are — they look like tiny versions of the classic chocolate bunny!


1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips: $1.32

1 package marshmallow Peeps bunnies: $2.19

Assorted sprinkles: 35 cents

Total: $3.86

Cost per treat: 32 cents


Melt the chocolate in the microwave (you’ve got this down by now, right?), dip the Peeps until fully coated in chocolate, and press three little sprinkles into the chocolate as it hardens to create a face.

Wait, that’s the whole thing? Well, easy enough.

Carrot Snack Bags

The final result of the carrot snack bags in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tina Russell / The Penny Hoarder

If you’d rather not pump your kids full of sugary sweetness right before Easter lunch with grandma, here’s a slightly healthier, but still adorable, easter snack idea!

What You’ll Need

Orange cheese crackers, any variety: $2.14

Clear, cone-shaped cellophane bags: $1.42 for a pack of 25

Green ribbon: 49 cents

Total: $4.05

Cost per treat: 16 cents


Fill the bags with the crackers, leaving enough space at the top to twist off and tie. Fasten with a green ribbon. (Then, take pictures and send to your crafty friend to prove that you too can do adorable holiday-themed things.)

And there you have it: Five of the easiest, quickest Easter treats that will make you look like a professional Pinterester — and are kind to your budget, too!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite Easter treat?

Grace Schweizer is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder.