Don’t Get Scammed: Here’s How to Shred All Your Personal Documents for Free

I didn’t realize how many things you can shred: snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, guitars, cheese, abs, documents.

Honestly, I just rely on my cat to shred all my personal documents, but it looks like she can have a spring break.

That’s because Office Depot and OfficeMax stores are offering a free shredding service through April 28.

How to Get Your Free Paper Shredding

Gather up the pictures of your ex, annoying convenience checks, tax papers and any other sensitive documents that never need to see the light of day again, and head on over to your local Office Depot or OfficeMax.

If you’ve rounded up more than 5 pounds, congrats. You deserve a paper-hoarding award. However, there’s a 5-pound limit to this offer.

Once you’re in the store, present this coupon in print or on your mobile device to give you access to the bulk bin shredding service.

All jokes aside, shredding sensitive documents is one of the simplest and easiest preventive measures you can take toward protecting yourself from fraud and identity theft. You never know who’s looking over your shoulder.

Seize this opportunity to purge a filing cabinet of old pay stubs, credit cards and any other documents with financial and personal data.

Shred it all like a sick guitar solo — for free.

Stephanie Bolling is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. The only thing she’s ever shredded is cheese.