Go Beyond Gift Cards: 12 Awesome Gifts Under $25 for Coffee Lovers

gifts for coffee lovers
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If you have a die-hard coffee fanatic on your holiday shopping list, you know their gift should revolve around their favorite fix!

But many coffee-related gifts are pricy.

A caffeine fiend myself, I was lucky to receive a home espresso machine with all the bells and whistles for my birthday a few years ago — in the form of a $500 check from the generous giver.

Luckily, not all coffee gifts are so extravagant. You can find the java junkie in your life something sure to make her smile — between sips, that is.

1. Coffee — Less than $25

Well, obviously!

It’s easy to fall into habits when it comes to groceries. You might give someone the gift of trying out a new roast or blend.

There are some pretty interesting options out there! Check out this maple-bacon-flavored bean.

Otherwise, you could help your recipient step it up a notch from her normal grocery-store supply. Grab her a pound of high-quality, single-origin beans for about $16.

I linked to my favorite hometown supplier, but be sure to check out your local coffee shops to make some tasty discoveries.

2. Mug for Home — Less Than $15

There are tons of adorable mugs almost anywhere you go.

A round-the-clock coffee drinker can never have too many.

3. Travel Mug — Up to $25

If your coffee lover is always on the go, a travel mug might be the perfect fit.

It’ll also help keep tons of cardboard and styrofoam out of your local landfill.

4. Reusable Coffee Sleeve — Less Than $15

Even if your favorite Starbucks drinker wants to participate in the iconic holiday cup campaign, she can still be a bit more green with her very own coffee koozy.

Plus, it’ll feel better on her hands than cardboard.

Check out tons of adorable options — your coffee’s sweater could match your own!

5. Cold Brew Infusion Bottle — $18.99

If you’re someone who knows me personally, please buy this for me. I’m not kidding.

Buying iced coffee every day is expensive, and brewing it in bulk yourself involves cheesecloth and a lot of coffee grounds. It’s always on my to-do list — but almost never gets done.

This bottle is the perfect way to help an iced coffee-drinking friend hoard some serious pennies!

6. Single Cup French Press — $15.99

I traded my French press for a Chemex pourover station long ago, in part because of the cleanup — and also because I couldn’t quite drink the 24 ounces my press made before it got tepid.

This single-cup French press lets you brew the coffee right into your (single-serving!) mug. And since it’s dishwasher safe, cleanup will be a breeze!

7. Milk Frother — $19.95

One of the hardest things to emulate when you’re trying to save some cash by building your latte at home is that rich frothed milk foam that sits dreamily atop your beverage.

That’s no longer an issue with a frother at home! Just heat up some milk on the stove or in the microwave, and you’re good to go.

8. Sugar Skull Spoon — $10

This one’s a little more frivolous… but look how cool! If you know someone who always takes theirs with a spoonful of sugar (and who has pretty much everything else she needs), this is a neat gift.

9. Coffee Poster — $25

One part art work, one part vehicle to discovering your next go-to drink when you hit the coffee bar.

10. Coffee Recipe Book — $14.39

If your recipient is more invested than a poster’s worth, give them 100 recipes to try at home with their espresso or coffee maker.

11. “But First, Coffee” Shirt — $19.95

Is she not to be spoken to before her first cup? Help her let the world know why she looks so grumpy before 10 a.m.

12. A Cup at His Favorite Café — Up to $25

Possibly my favorite on the list — take a friend out for his favorite cup, your treat. Then, spend an hour together catching up. The most meaningful gifts are sometimes the least expensive!

Alternatively, grab a gift card for the shop you know she always hits on the way to work. Keep local businesses in mind: There’s more to coffee than Starbucks!

Your Turn: What coffee-related gifts will you be giving — or putting on your own wish list — this year?

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Jamie Cattanach is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder and a native Floridian. She’s passionate about learning, literature and coffee. Definitely coffee. You can wave hi to @jamiecattanach on Twitter.