5 Unique Gifts for Football Fans Will Score You Points This Holiday Season

A football themed pet bandana can be a great gift to give to the football lover in your family.
Photo courtesy of BarkopolisBrand

For years, I found myself getting my dad the same gifts every year for Christmas (and his December birthday): golf balls and logo t-shirts and socks to celebrate his favorite sports teams.

Last year, I ended up branching out a bit and bought him a portable putting green so he could work on his short game wherever he wanted. I also got crazy and gave him a scarf instead of socks. Even with these two new gifts, I still felt pretty lame.

Over the years, I felt like a horrible daughter and subpar gift giver, at least for my dad, who when asked what he wanted, always replied, “I don’t really need anything.” Very helpful.

So, I told myself I would become the greatest gift giver (for both parents) this year. In order to still be able to pay my bills and eat the occasional meal, I would need to find gifts that were both personal and affordable.

If you’re like me, and need to find some creative — yet affordable — gifts for the football fan in your life, check out the items below.

1. Custom Wood Football Ticket: $20

Need a gift for a football fan? Try a wooden football ticket you can purchase off Etsy.
Photo courtesy of iheartlaser

Nothing quite compares to watching your favorite football team in its home stadium, surrounded by the cheers and jeers of fellow fans.

Whether you wish to surprise someone by letting them know they’ll be attending an upcoming game or if you plan on commemorating an especially memorable experience, opt for this customizable wooden football ticket from iheartlaser on Etsy.

Made from alder wood and cut by lasers, the final product measures out to 2 inches tall by 5½  inches long, with a ⅛-inch thickness. Outside of football, the tickets can also be customized for flights, concerts and other sporting events for a modest price of $20 per ticket.

2. College Football Custom Bracelet: $13

A silver bracelet with the team's name on it can be a great gift for a football fan.
Photo courtesy of AlumebyBonnie

For the jewelry-wearing football fans in your life, this custom stamped aluminum bracelet is a stylish way to showcase their collegiate football pride.

This handmade item can feature either the school’s name or the mascot on the exterior, as well as an option to include the school’s initials or the recipient’s initials on the inside of the bracelet.

Rather than paying more for a sterling silver bracelet, this aluminum alternative will not tarnish, according to the seller.

Every bracelet comes with a heart stamp included, so be sure to let the Etsy shop owner know if you would prefer not to have it stamped into your gift.

3. Bottle Cap Team Earrings: $9

Bottle cap earrings with the Cowboys logo on it can be a great gift for the football lover in your family.
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A more quirky jewelry item for professional football fans, these crafty bottle cap earrings are available from 4EverTreasurdKpsakes.

These handmade, dangly adornments are created from flattened bottle caps and a high-quality resin to ensure the team image is clearly displayed.

Collegiate team earrings are also available. For your non-football friends, there are other bottle cap pressed designs in the form of needle minders for your non-football friends.

4. Personalized Football Onesie: $21.99

A football themed onesie can be a great gift for the football lover in your family.
Photo courtesy of LarkspurLettering

If the football fanatic in your life is a new parent or will be caring for a newborn soon, this personalized football onesie from LarkspurLettering could be just what they’re wishing for.

This outfit, complete with white football laces, is made from supremely soft Rabbit Skins brand cotton. Custom varsity lettering and numbering on the back is included.

5. Custom Football Pet Bandana: $16.99

A photo of a Texas AM football bandana for a dog.
Photo courtesy of BarkopolisBrand

For those with furry kids instead, there are a variety of college football-themed pet bandanas available from Barkopolis.

The bandanas are hand-stitched to display your team of choice, along with your pet’s name in a variety of fonts. When you order the bandana, you’ll have the option of choosing between a selection of closures: over the collar, tie on, button, snap or Velcro.

While these bandanas are marketed specifically for dogs, I’m fairly confident that one made for a small dog could fit a cat as well. These custom collegiate bandanas start at just $16.99 each and make for a perfect gift for a pet-loving football fan.

Thankfully, there are many creative people in this world who happen to craft unique, personalized gifts. Hopefully you can use these six budget-friendly options to surprise the football fanatic in your life.

Morgan Pritchett has been providing her family with awesome gifts ever since she received her first paycheck. When she’s not watching college football on Saturdays, she enjoys watching “Harry Potter” marathons since they’re on TV almost every weekend anyway.