Kay Jewelers Might Have Ruined Your Ring. Here’s What You Need to Know

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Think “every kiss begins with Kay”?

Perhaps it should be more like every kerfuffle.  

That’s because many Kay customers have experienced awful customer service and downright deception, according to a recent BuzzFeed report.

Here’s what you need to know…

Why So Many Brides are Mad at Kay Jewelers

Horror stories abound and, according to the report, include issues like:

  • Rings being lost when returned for repairs
  • Diamonds replaced with flawed or smaller stones during repairs
  • Lost inspection or certification records, voiding the ring’s warranty

Yesterday, Kay Jewelers responded to the allegations in a Facebook post, stating: “We are reviewing the issues that were brought to our attention to ensure that we are doing everything possible to assist guests who have raised concerns.”

Rather than assuage customers, though, it’s become a sounding board for over 100 more complaints — many of which echo the BuzzFeed report’s allegations.

“My fiancé proposed to me in December 2015, so around [four] months ago. The ring he got was a different size than what he has asked for… It is now almost May and my fiancé and I have both called [two] different stores in hopes to know the whereabouts of my ring, but neither store is aware of if it or where it is.” – Jessica Williams

“It took them [three] different times to fix my ring, each time it came back worse, finally gave me a different ring, that cost less [than] my original… will not be shopping there again.” – Nancy Carol Evans

“I have had so many issues with many pieces of jewelry we have bought from Kay’s. My wedding rings have been ruined and employees have told me that there was nothing wrong with them when clearly there was. I have had nicks put in my bands, HORRIBLE soldering jobs, and so many other issues. My rings have been ruined by being sent off to repair by your company.” – Hailey Smith


If any of this sounds familiar, you can submit your complaint on this contact page.

Any Alternatives?

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But if your heart’s set on one, just remember you have other options besides the big chains. 

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Your Turn: Have you ever had a bad experience with a jeweler? 

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