Where to Live While Looking for Love: The 15 Most Affordable Cities for Singles

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It’s hard to find love in the big city, and even harder to afford the cost of dating.

An average Los Angeles date will set you back $148.22, reports LA Weekly. That number includes two movie tickets as well as dinner, drinks and “two cappuccinos.”

Just want a nice dinner with wine and dessert? Be prepared to pay $88, unless you and your date go Dutch.

But take heart, lonely singles — and save money. GoBankingRates has a list of the 15 most affordable cities for singles. Is your city on the list, or is it time to think about moving?

Find Love in Chattanooga, Memphis or Reno

Here are some of the highlights from GoBankingRates’ list (all numbers represent average costs):

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis has the most affordable housing of the 15 cities listed, with rent at 63 cents per square foot.

Use the money you save to take your date out on the town; you’ll pay $85.60 for “a bottle of wine, dinner for two, two movie tickets and a 10-mile taxi ride.”

However, be prepared to put some of those savings towards staying fit, because a gym membership costs $40/month.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Head east for an even less expensive date night; your wine+dinner+movie+taxi combo costs only $78, making River City the most affordable date option on the list.

But you’ll see those gains at the gym when you pay $49 a month for your membership.

Reno, Nevada

If you’re looking to save money overall, try The Biggest Little City in the World. GoBankingRates calls it the most affordable city for singles with rent at 86 cents per square foot, a $20.67/month gym membership and a $97.30 date night.

Check out GoBankingRates’ full list to see all 15 cities. Is yours on the list? Let us know!

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Your Turn: How much do you usually pay on a date?

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