Here’s Who Won The Penny Hoarder’s Purple Friday Giveaway

Purple Friday

Did you enter our Purple Friday giveaway?

We received more than 11,000 amazing entries, and it was incredibly tough to narrow it down to 50 winners. We’re inspired by how many of you plan to spend time, not money, this holiday season!

Want to know who won? Follow us as we travel around the country surprising winners by using the hashtag #PurpleFriday on your favorite social media channel. 

We’ll also update this post every day with the list of winners and their prizes — and how they plan to enjoy them on Purple Friday: 

1. A Trip to the Franklin Institute

Like many of our readers, Annamarie from Pennsylvania works a “crazy amount of hours” to provide for her and her son, so they don’t get to spend a lot of quality time together.

Not to mention, “after bills and food, there never seems to be enough left over.” So, on Purple Friday, she asked to take him to the Franklin Institute to “share in his love of robots.”

We can’t wait to see photos!

2. Hearing Aids

Matthew from Delaware is the father to two girls. At 20, he was diagnosed with cancer — and went through eight rounds of chemo.

Though he’s been cancer-free for 13.5 years, he still has hearing loss in both ears. We’re delighted to buy him hearing aids so he could hear his wife and daughters normally on Purple Friday!

3. Lots of Yarn

In an altruistic entry, Laura from Illinois asked for a whole lot of baby yarn — not for her, but for her mom, who spends a lot of time crocheting baby hats for babies in need.

“My mom lost her baby at 22 weeks and this helps her grieve,” she said. “We would love to be able to help the organization by having a family party on Purple Friday and help her make stuff for angel babies.”

4. A Spanish Cooking Class

Jason and his sister, who are from New York, never really got to bond until they went on a trip to Spain several years ago.

“Through that experience we learned to understand each other and I now cherish my relationship with her,” he explained.

So he asked to take a Spanish cooking class with her.

“Nothing would mean more to me than to surprise her with a culinary classes of Spanish food so we could recreate some of our fondest memories,” he said.

5. Lawn Furniture and a Fire Pit

How better than to spend Purple Friday than getting cozy around a fire?

“After living in an apartment for so long, we finally have a yard,” wrote Michele from North Carolina.

“With our youngest daughter’s intellectual disability and other needs, this would be a priceless way to get her outside and away from electronics. We will spend our Purple Friday together connecting and counting our blessings being able to sit in our back yard for the first time ever.”

Getting away from electronics? With family? Love it.

6. Groceries for Soldiers

Though Andie lives in Texas, it’s not where she’s from. Like many military families, she and her husband are stationed far from her family. She’s making the best of it, though, and hosting a “friendsgiving” for all the soldiers who can’t make it home.

“I want to give them a nice home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner since they can’t be home with their families enjoying it,” she said. “Feeding 10-15 soldiers can get very costly, which is why I’m asking for a gift card for groceries.”

We can’t imagine how much that many soldiers eat — and were so happy to fulfill this honorable request.

7. Movies and Lunch with Her Sister and Friend

Last December, Jillian moved out of state for a new job. A few unexpected expenses popped up, and money became tight. But her family and friends helped her out, and now that she’s returning to Minnesota for the holidays, she wanted to pay them back.  

“My sister and best friend even used their airline miles and some extra savings to buy me a flight home for Thanksgiving so that I would not have to spend it alone,” she said.

“I am incredibly grateful for all they do and want to find a way to say, ‘thank you’ and give a little something back. I’d love to spend this #purplefriday surprising them with lunch and an afternoon at the movies!”

8. A Meal and a Clean House

Meg’s from Texas, and said her mom is “bonkers.” By that, she means she’s cooking dinner by herself for 32 people. 32!

“She’s 75 and Dad is 82, and their house is teeny tiny but she ALWAYS makes room for anyone who has nowhere else to go,” explained Meg. “People who were strangers at the beginning of the day are now friends and will be sent off with a huge bag of goodies.”

Sounds lovely, right? Meg wanted to surprise her mom with a day of cleaning service and a meal at her favorite restaurant — “something she’d never do for herself!”

9. Transportation Home for Her Dad

Kelly’s dad is a disabled veteran of the Marine Corps. He’s undergoing rehabilitation and living in a medical center away from home — and Kelly said, “the one thing our whole family wants is to be together.”

She asked for a wheelchair-accessible van to pick him up and bring him home, as well as a grocery gift card so she could cook for him when he arrived.

“I really miss our family Thanksgivings and it would mean the world to have him home,” she told us.

10. Trip to Disney World!

Judith, who you may have seen on our Facebook Live broadcast, asked for a trip to Disney World for her family.

The reason why? They lost her brother-in-law almost a year ago.

“It was a complete surprise,” she said. “He meant the world to our girls — he always wanted to take them to Disney and just was never able to… [Going there] would maybe help us see what it’s all about and make their uncle’s wish come true.”

11. Veterinary Checkups for 10 Cats

Tennessee resident Mary Ann’s entry — in which she asked for veterinary checkups for her 10 cats — had to be one of the judging panel’s favorites.

What can I say? We have a lot of cat people in the office. But even as a verified dog person, I loved the inspiring story behind the kitties.

“A few years ago, our family bought a house in the country that came with cats, left by the prior owner,” she said.

“The second year we lived in our house, my husband died. If we hadn’t found several litters of kittens in the barn that year, we would never have left the house. They saved us!”

12. 16 Gingerbread House Kits

Have you ever made gingerbread houses? How about 16 of them?

Tami lives far from family — and at holidays, misses them “terribly.” But a few years ago, she and her brood made friends with two families who had children similar ages as theirs.

“We have adopted them as our Oregon family,” she explained.

“On Purple Friday, we always have them over for turkey sandwiches and then we make gingerbread houses… [using] graham crackers and leftover Halloween candy. It would be so awesome to surprise everyone with a fancy gingerbread house kit. We love these friends so much! They mean the world to us and more!”

13. A Surprise Day of Relaxation for a Caregiver

Caregivers are one of the most deserving — and most neglected — populations.

Which is why we chose this entry from Kathy in Missouri; she wanted to give her best friend, who’s been a caregiver for 60 years, a day of pampering, including breakfast, a massage, a movie and dinner.

“This is important to me because Peg has been a selfless and devoted sister and never does anything for herself,” she told us. “She deserves a day devoted just for HER.”

We couldn’t agree more.

14. A Sushi-Making Kit

Last year on Purple Friday, Cassaundra and her now-boyfriend Rett had their first date at a sushi place.

Since they work opposite schedules — she as a teacher and he as a security technician — and are “focusing on our goals of paying off debt and creating a future together,” they don’t get to spend a lot of time with each other.

So Cassaundra asked for a sushi-making kit and grocery gift card to spend the evening at home celebrating their first anniversary. Yum!

15. Trip to the Hot Springs With Her Sisters

How nice does a hot spring sound right now? Well, Christine from New Mexico will soon be soaking in one — along with some of her favorite ladies.  

“Instead of shopping, I would like to go with my two sisters and niece to de-stress in mineral pools here in our beautiful state of New Mexico,” she said.

“We were just talking today about how to help my young niece Emily,” who’s a new nurse… and is exhausted.

What a sweet — and creative — idea!

16. A Scrapbooking Kit

Scrapbooking is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but have never made the time to. Joy from New Jersey won’t have any excuses soon, because we just sent her a scrapbooking kit.

“I would love to spend Purple Friday scrapbooking with my kids,” she said.

“There’s a project called December Daily where you record one story each day of the holiday season and scrapbook it. Many people start Thanksgiving weekend and I would love this tradition with my kids,” Joy wrote.

“There are really no pictures of my brother and I when I was little and I think it would be great for my kids to have something to look back on to remember our holiday season.”

17. The Gift of Heat

This has to be one of my personal favorites: Helen from West Virginia wrote to us asking “to be warm” for Purple Friday.

“I’ve been without a furnace for two winters now,” she explained. “I love having a dinner for my children and grandchildren — but without heat, it’s hard to enjoy it when your house is cold.”

Can you imagine living without heat in West Virginia? It gets cold up there!

“I would love to feel the warmth coming from the vents again and everyone taking off their coats to enjoy their time with me,” she wrote.

“I’m widowed and have a hard time making ends meet. When I think I’m getting ahead, something else comes up that needs [to be] repaired. If I could have a new furnace installed, it would probably last me the rest of my life. What a dream that would be.”

18. A Trip to Legoland

“I am the father of 3 amazing kids, whom I love beyond words,” said Chris from California. But he splits custody with their mothers — and said, “when we’re together, it seems that the time we have is not enough.”

Not to mention, with child support and other bills, he can no longer afford to do fun things with them.

“[My kids] know things have changed but they are so awesome that they never complain or demand anything from me,” he wrote. “They are happy with being with me, and that is what keeps me going day after day.”

So he asked for a trip to Legoland, which he promises “will put a smile on their little faces.” We can’t wait to see photos!

19. PJs, Movies and Snacks

The happiest people are the ones who relish the simple things. And Gwen from North Carolina’s entry shows she’s one of those people.

“I want to spend the day decorating for Christmas and watching Christmas movies in my PJs with my husband and three kids,” she told us.

“They grow so quickly; I want this to be a tradition with them. We all need some cozy PJs, some movies, some snacks and that’s about all we can ask for. We are all healthy and together — there’s not much better.”

20. Bikes for the Whole Family

I don’t know about you, but I think getting outside is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. Since Deanna from California asked for bikes, she clearly agrees.

On Purple Friday, she said, “We would just spend the day teaching the kids to ride, while remembering what it was like to be a kid ourselves.”

Her kids have been through so much, explained Deanna — even being homeless. “We now have stable housing, and they still never ask for anything — just to go to the park. Bikes would be the best surprise ever.”

21. A Tie-Dying Kit and T-Shirts

The world can be a dark place sometimes. Reta from Pennsylvania knows that: Her sister was diagnosed with a severe illness at age 41.

But Reta also knows how to brighten it up, literally: with lots and lots of color.

“I want your help to surprise my family with the supplies needed to tie-dye so we can make Purple Friday as colorful as possible,” she said, “and remember that no matter how bleak and dark times may get, if you remember what matters, you’ll always find the colorful bits.

22. A Fancy Dinner Date at The Sun Dial

Do you enjoy getting dressed up with your boo? It’s definitely fun once in a while. Which is why we all jumped on this entry: Cassie has never been on a nice date with her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend is a truck driver and we’ve been together for three years, best friends for six,” she said. “He’s the love of my life and is such a great man. We’ve been to dinner a few times, but we’ve never been able to dress up and go out somewhere fancy because we can’t afford it.”

So she asked to surprise him with a nice dinner in the nearby city of Atlanta on Purple Friday. I asked my coworker, who lived there for many years, for his suggestion — and what a suggestion it was!

She’s going to take him to The Sun Dial, an incredible rotating restaurant on the 71st floor of the Westin hotel. Check out the photos — it looks absolutely amazing. (Thanks to The Sun Dial for partnering with us to make this happen.)

“He treats me like a princess every day and it would make me so proud to make him feel like the king he is — even if it’s only one day,” said Cassie. We’re pretty sure this date is going to make them both feel like royalty!

23. Going Home to See Her Family

Being away from your family is hard any time — but especially over the holidays.

So all Stacey asked for was a gas card and rental car to see her parents. They live in Michigan, far from her and her two kids in Alabama, and she hasn’t seen them in more than a year.

“Since I’m barely paying bills (sometimes with help), I can’t set aside money to even save up,” she explained. “We miss them dearly.”

24. A Swing Set for Her Daughter

Brittany lives in Tennessee and is a single mom to a 2-year-old who loves the outdoors. “She wakes up and automatically asks to go outside to play,” Brittany explained. (How awesome is that?!)

So Brittany asked for a swing set for their backyard.

“We recently purchased our own home and funds are tight right now,” she said. “I would love to be able to bring the happiness that I see on her face at the park to our new home. There is nothing I love more than spending time with her, and the day after Thanksgiving would be an absolute blast if we had a swing set to play on.”

25. Ice Skating for the Whole Family

Can you imagine spending the holidays with nine adults and five kids in one house — for five days? I’d definitely go a little stir crazy.

Rachel from Idaho felt the same way, so she asked us to pay for a big group outing.

“Instead of hitting up the stores for Black [er, Purple] Friday, it would be fun to take the whole crew to the local skating rink and then come home to a hot chocolate bar!” she said. “Seeing my father-in-law on the ice is sure to bring some laughs, and the kids would get out some energy — then we’d come home to thaw out and enjoy hot chocolate and compare photos and videos.”

Sounds like a ball!

26. A New KitchenAid Mixer

Geneva from California loves to bake with her 7-year-old daughter. She said her daughter is passionate about it — and even hopes to enter competitions someday. But when times got tough last year, they were forced to sell their beloved KitchenAid.

And since Geneva is disabled and has a hard time using her hands, they haven’t been able to bake like they used to.

“Without a mixer, we will not be able to make our holiday treats again this year,” she said. “I have severe arthritis in my hands and I can’t use them or my wrists without extreme pain. I want desperately to be able to pass on the love of baking and recipes that my grandmother gave me.

27. Dinner and a Movie With His Wife

With two young children and two dogs, John and his wife are struggling. He’s an E4 in the army in North Carolina, and has to deploy soon.

“We seem to have bitten off more than we can chew,” he said. “With bills piling up, and my deployment coming closer and closer, it just causes so much stress… We spend the majority of our time taking care of [our kids] and rarely have time to ourselves.”

All he wanted was to take his wife out for an evening to relax and enjoy each other’s company. “I just want to really show her that I love her before I have to leave her alone with the kids for a year,” he explained.

28. Gas to See Her Nieces and Nephews

Even if you live in the same state as your family, it can be tough to get the money together to see them.

“I would love to see all of my nieces and nephews on Purple Friday,” said Sarah. “They are growing up so fast and I truly wish time would slow down.”

She asked for a gas card so she could drive around the state of Florida this weekend, visiting her seven family members under the age of 10.

“Thinking about this actually made me tear up a little because of how much I love and miss my sweet babies,” she said. “Facebook pictures are only that. Pictures. Something as simple as money for gas would go a long way to making Purple Friday especially poignant for me.”

29. A New Stove

Zione lives in Indiana and is the single mother to four kids.

“Our oven stopped working last year just before Thanksgiving, so we were unable to bake anything,” she explained. “I was hoping to get a new stove this year, but due to not getting any help from the ex-husband, I haven’t been able to.”

She said her kids love to help her bake, and they all truly miss it.

Spending time with the children is the most heartwarming thing,” she said. “A new stove for us to be able to bake cookies, cobblers, chicken, etc. would be so awesome.”

30. A Weekend Getaway With the Family

If you watched Facebook Live Tuesday afternoon, you know about these lucky winners! Denise from New York won a weekend getaway with her family.

They have two kids — both with epilepsy. Though life has been tough sometimes, she and her husband work hard to give them wonderful lives.

“I always hear about other families going on vacations and even weekend getaways,” she said. “I have to admit it makes me UNBELIEVABLY jealous that, even though we are able to provide a good life for our kids, we have never been able to save for a family vacation of any sort.”

So we awarded her with a weekend getaway to a hotel and waterpark — accomplishing her goal of giving her family “a weekend of fun, laughter, and memories that will last forever.”

31. Tickets to the Chargers/Texans Game

Did you grow up watching football with your dad? I certainly did, and so did Rosita from Texas.

“Watching football every Sunday with my Dad is an important ritual in my life,” she said. “Since the Chargers were in the playoffs when I was a little girl in SD, we’ve watched football together.”

And surprisingly, out of 13 kids, she was the only one who enjoyed the sport. Now she’s in her 30s and her dad’s in his 60s — and neither have ever been to an NFL game. They live in Texas these days, so she asked for tickets to the Chargers/Texans game on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime,” she said. “My dad means everything to me. He’s raised 13 kids and I’d just like for him to have this one great experience in his life.

32. A Kitchen Table

A house isn’t a home until it’s got a kitchen table. So Carole from Mississippi asked for a farm table to make her brand new house hers.

She’s a public school teacher and single mother to two little boys — and thanks to tips from The Penny Hoarder and help from family and friends, she’s finally moving into a house this week.

“This farmhouse table would be very meaningful to my family,” she explained. “It would help us write our new story. Picture the games being played, art projects created, meals shared and fun times being had.”

And on Purple Friday? “I would love to host a Friendsgiving to thank all who have helped us on our journey,” she said.

33. An Engagement Ring

Oh boy, this entry was definitely one of the ladies’ favorites.

Dan, a soldier from New York, wanted to propose to his long-time girlfriend Diane. He’d been working multiple jobs for more than a year, but then broke his back and couldn’t scrape together the money.

He said if we paid for his engagement ring, he wouldn’t have to work on Purple Friday — and could hopefully spend the day celebrating with his new fiancee.

“Her son already calls me his stepdad and I want to make that a reality,” he said. “I only want the best for her… It would be amazing if this could happen!”

So we traveled to Buffalo and went ring shopping with him at Ben Garelick Jewelers, a family-owned business that’s been around since 1952. In addition to being super friendly and helpful, they offered Dan a gorgeous selection of rings — and I think you’ll love his choice. (Thanks to them for partnering with us to make his dreams come true!)

Then, with their families surrounding them, we watched him propose to the love of his life. Want to see the ring — and the happy couple? Look for photos and a video on our social media pages soon!

34. One Month’s Rent

For most of us, housing is our biggest expense. And paying it month-in and month-out can mean nothing left over for the fun stuff.

Val from Georgia asked us to pay one month of rent so her husband wouldn’t have to work on Purple Friday.

“In spite of being in pain daily, my husband of 36 years works so hard to provide for us,” she said. “He works without complaining. We love spending time together and if he could take a much needed break, we would have a chance to go to the movies or just watch ‘Murder She Wrote’ on Netflix (he usually figures out the murderer).”

The thing that really got us, though? Her enthusiasm for her partner-in-crime.

Even after 36 years, we LOVE spending time together and still hold hands,” she said. “I love this man and he truly deserves a break!”

35. A Plethora of Puzzles

I don’t think I’ve done a puzzle since middle school, but after reading this entry, I just might have to start.

“My family loves to get together on Thanksgiving weekend and put puzzles together,” explained Angie from Minnesota.

“We go to my aunt’s house in the country. We cook, drink, play cards and do puzzles. They sit out all day and we all chip in to put them together. We really have the best time doing it and enjoying each other’s company.”

How simple and sweet is that? We bought them a bunch of puzzles — which we hope will last them a long time!

36. A Day of Fun

Kids just wanna have fun. And Staci from South Carolina wants to ensure her kids have a whole day of it on Purple Friday.

“Being a widow of two young kids, it’s hard to take them out,” she said. So she asked for “a day at Frankie’s Fun Park to do what they’d like — instead of pinching pennies for an hour and then having to leave.”

We sent her a gift card so she and her kids can do all the activities their little hearts desire: from putt-putt to go karts to lots and lots of games.

37. A Patio Heater

Picture this: Your family playing football outside. And you, being able to watch — while staying warm! — from the sidelines. Isn’t that just perfect?

“The patio heater is not what’s important to me,” Matt from New York explained. “What matters to me is what it offers. Every Thanksgiving, my family plays a friendly game of football in the yard — and this patio heater will help supply warmth to my family as they get to cheer us on.”

“Instead of watching from a window on the inside, this game can be enjoyed by everyone and help form the memories that will stay with us for a lifetime,” he said.

38. Trip to the Grand Canyon

This entry is another one of my favorites. Hannah and her fiance are both full-time firefighters in Colorado. Since their schedules are crazy, they usually only see each other twice a week — and they usually spend their time together running errands or fixing up the house.

Although we love our jobs, we also love each other more than anything, and the time apart is hard,” she said. “Very rarely do we actually get time together just the two of us, to talk and enjoy each other’s company.”

So Hannah asked for a weekend getaway to the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder they’ve always wanted to visit. They plan to “spend some quality time together, reconnect and have an adventure and some fun.”

Can’t wait to see photos!

39. Tickets to White Christmas

This was such a festive idea that we had to fulfill it.

Jennifer from California wanted to take her “86-years-young” dad and her daughter to see the play “White Christmas.”

“He loves music from that era, and it would be a special treat to take his granddaughter, who will be home from college,” she said. “She always talks about ‘Papa’s music,’ which she enjoys after years of hearing it at his house. It would be a lovely shared experience of timeless music and holiday fun.”

40. Spa Day for All Her Moms

If you watched Facebook Live today, you’ve already met Nadine. She asked for a spa day for all her moms.

The definition of “family” is shifting — and we support families of all types and sizes here at The Penny Hoarder — so we loved this idea.

“Spending the day at the spa with all my moms would be very meaningful to me,” she said.

“My mom, my mother-in law and my stepmom are all getting older and I want to spend as much time as I can with each of them. It would bring them all some welcome relaxation and quality time together.”

41. Groceries for 21 Grandchildren

Cheryl from Alabama just had her 21st grandchild. Yes, 21st.

She loves cooking big holiday meals for her entire family, but since she and her husband are on a fixed income, it’s tough to afford it.

“Sometimes we have had to ask for the power and water company to allow us time to pay our bills just so we can buy the holiday food,” she said. “I know it sounds sad, but honestly, home is where the heart is.”

Since we want them to keep making their home a happy holiday destination, we sent them a $500 gift card for groceries!

42. Fishing Poles for 3 Kids

“I have a friend, who through some bad decisions in life, has finally gotten his life straightened out,” began Geoffrey from Nebraska. “This year will be the first Thanksgiving he will have all his kids for the holiday. This is also the first time ever we will get to meet his son.”

Since they’ve been friends since childhood, Geoffrey wanted to do something special for him. He asked for fishing poles for both their sons and his daughter (and we threw in some tackle boxes and hats!).

Fishing has always been about relaxing and spending time with nature, a time to hang out with friends, and teach the young ones the things that were told to us by grandpas and dads,” he explained.

43. Dinner and an Indie Movie

Erika recently drove from Florida to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with her sister, brother-in-law and 73-year-old mother.

“This is the first holiday we’ve spent in Florida since my father passed away,” she said. “It holds a lot of memories for my family. With time, happy memories have replaced the sense of loss associated with the Florida home.”

To celebrate their reunion — and Purple Friday, of course — she wanted to treat her family to dinner at a special restaurant and then an indie movie at a local cinema.

“My son’s dream is to become a film director,” she explained, “so it’s something we can all share in common, regardless of age.”

44. Adventure at the Georgia Aquarium

I loved whales growing up (still do!), so I loved this entry.

“My 3 year old is obsessed with anything aquatic and can tell you all about whales, sharks, etc,” said Tori from Tennessee. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he grows up to be a marine biologist or in conservation.”

So she asked for a gas card and four tickets to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

“It would be amazing to see him observe these animals in real life!” she explained.

45. Brunch With Dear Friends

For many of us, family isn’t just the people related to you; it includes friends, as well. So we appreciated Erin from California’s entry.

“My close friends from college and I used to go to [brunch] at the end of every quarter,” she said.

“It was our time to chill, reflect and eat crappy breakfast food. Now nearly a decade later, a bunch of us are reuniting for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles and I’d LOVE to treat them to a less crappy breakfast on Friday morning.”

Enjoy those pancakes — and have some extra syrup on us!

46. Final Trip to See PawPaw

Melissa and her family live in Georgia, but her parents live in Arizona. A year ago, her father (PawPaw to her kids) had a stroke, and he now lives in a nursing home. She and her husband haven’t been able to scrape together the money to all go visit him.

She asked for flights, a hotel, a rental car and meals for a six-day trip to Arizona, for a “probable last visit,” starting on Thanksgiving day.

“It would mean so much to my father to see his grandchildren again,” she said. “He’s afraid they won’t remember him, since there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to visit. Shopping means nothing compared to spending what could be a last visit with PawPaw.”

47. Amy Schumer Tickets and Hotel

Although Amy Schumer may have been in some hot water lately, there’s one thing we can all agree on: The woman is funny.

Stephanie from Illinois requested tickets to see her in Chicago (on Purple Friday!) with her beloved sister.

“Every Black Friday since we were kids, my little sister and I have gone shopping together,” she said. But this year, due to finances, they won’t be able to afford it.

“I am incredibly sad that for the first time in nearly 20 years, we won’t be spending it together,” she said. “However, as a teacher, I too have a hard time with bills. Keeping our tradition alive by spending this day together would mean the world to us.”

Hopefully, this night out with Amy Schumer will help them create a new tradition — a tradition of buying experiences over things!

48. A Train Trip With Their Granddaughter

Sherry from Alabama’s 4-year-old granddaughter is her and her husband’s “world.” But tragically, little Charlotte has Dravet syndrome, which includes daily seizures and a high mortality rate.

And since Charlotte will have a new baby sister soon, Sherry wanted to ensure she doesn’t feel left out.

“She adores trains… it is ALL ABOUT trains with her,” explained Sherry. “Her pawpaw and I would love to take her on a train trip anywhere — short or long it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s on a train.”

Not only would this give her parents bonding time with the new baby, it would provide “one-on-one time and much-needed attention” for Sherry, her husband and Charlotte.

49. Surprise Visit Home to See Family

This is the military family who joined us on Facebook Live today!

They had a baby boy in March of this year. Since his birth, he’s had several operations — including open-heart surgery.

“Our life is anything but typical, with a doctor’s appointment at least once a week,” she said. The financial and mental stress has been adding up — and they haven’t seen their extended families in almost two years.

“Seeing our families and not having to worry about anything for even a moment would bring an amount of immeasurable happiness,” she said. “Neither of our families have met our son and only twice have met our daughter. Family means the world to us.”

50. The Kleinfeld Experience

Have you ever seen the show “Say Yes to the Dress”? Then you’ll know what a dream it’d be for a bride to visit Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan.

Susan from New Jersey asked for the Kleinfeld experience — not for herself, but for her newly engaged daughter Samantha, who lives in Florida and only comes home twice a year.

“I would dearly love to spend Purple Friday with her in New York City,” Susan explained. “I SO wish I could take her to Kleinfeld for a wedding dress.”

But, she said, “I’m a church secretary and don’t make all that much money.”

Well, Susan, no need to worry about that. Kleinfeld squeezed us in last-minute AND offered to cover the cost of the dress — and we’re going to surprise Samantha during our Facebook Live broadcast today.

How’s that for #PurpleFriday generosity?!

“I really want to be there when she tries that first dress on,” Susan told us. “It would mean so much to me.”

Watch on Facebook at 12:30 p.m. EST to see their reactions — we bet it’s going to make for a Purple Friday none of us will ever forget!