This Company Guarantees to Save You $300 on Bills — Or its Service is Free

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What if everyone in the grocery store was charged a different price for the same brand of toilet paper? People would be outraged.

And yet, that’s exactly what’s happening with your internet and cable bill, your auto and home insurance payments and pretty much everything else on your endless list of bills. With the lack of transparent pricing, companies can decide how much you pay and how frequently they want to increase the rates on your bills.

It’s frustrating to even consider that most of us are overpaying. It’s not like we all have the time and resources available to figure out which of them should be cheaper. And even if we do, there’s no way to be sure we’re effectively negotiating the best new terms for ourselves.

This puts us at a huge disadvantage when it comes to dealing with the giant service providers and large corporations that we’ll owe bills to for the rest of our lives if we want access to basic essentials like electricity, internet, cell phone service and more.

Sure, there are companies that offer to negotiate bills on your behalf. But they also take a 40% cut from the money they just saved you. And on top of that, most of these companies only offer bill-negotiating services as part of a monthly subscription that comes with other financial resources you probably didn’t want in the first place.

If you really just want a reliable and effective way to make sure you’re always paying the lowest possible price on your bills, then BillTrim is what you need. For a flat one-time fee of $99, it can save you up to $900 a year on bills.

In fact, BillTrim guarantees it can reduce your bills by $300. It’s that simple

A Promise to Save You At Least $300, Or Your Money Back

BillTrim is a simple yet secure platform that allows you to keep track of and pay all your bills in one place. Once you have your bills linked to its platform, it uses proprietary technology and a team of passionate negotiating experts to reduce the amount you pay.

BillTrim guarantees it can reduce your bills by $300, or you get your one-time fee of $99 back. There aren’t any additional fees, and it won’t take a cut of the money it saves you, either.

Here’s how it works: After you sign up for an account, you’ll need to link any recurring bills that you want BillTrim to keep track of to your new account. To qualify for the money-back guarantee, you’ll need to link at least three bills.

You’ll also need to link the bank account you’ll use to pay any of your bills. BillTrim won’t negotiate any bills for you or charge you its flat one-time fee of $99 until you’ve linked a bank account with at least $300 in it.

Once all your bills and a bank account are linked to your account, BillTrim experts will immediately get to work on negotiating better bill terms. You might even see results within a few days.

After that, BillTrim will negotiate bills for each of its 100,000 users twice a year. But if something abnormal pops up, an expert will make sure to re-negotiate ASAP.

BillTrim will also keep track of and remind you of any upcoming bills. You can even set up automatic payments so you never miss a bill, again.

Is BillTrim Secure?

Yes. BillTrim is a safe and secure service already trusted by over 100,000 users.

BillTrim doesn’t have access to your most sensitive information since all your payments are made through a secure and private payment gateway called Plaid. Plaid is used and trusted by thousands of businesses and banks.

Any information that BillTrim does store, like your account credentials, are heavily encrypted.

How to Get Started with BillTrim

It only takes a few minutes to set up your account with BillTrim and link your bank account and at least three bills. As soon as everything is linked up and you’ve paid your $99 one-time membership fee, BillTrim will start negotiating bills on your behalf.